#5 How to sing squeaky door/edge exercises

#5 Here’s a quick video on how to do those tricky little edge exercises that you hear about which help your connection to your head voice. A couple more like this and then some appoggio and pure vocal function enjoy
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13 thoughts on “#5 How to sing squeaky door/edge exercises”

  1. Chris “Keri” MC

    Nice video. I wanted to ask you one question. In “THE DEEPER THE LOVE” of
    Whitesnake, there is a part of the song that says “I Don’t mind….” , just
    there ,Coverdale uses head voice technique? I try to sing all the whole
    song and its fine, but when I arrive at that part…is impossible to arrive
    to the note…How I should do it correclty?

  2. floydthebarber71

    I’m a complete beginner and although these videos are good, I have no
    context or relation to a goal. It would be helpful to explain quickly in
    the beginning about what the exercises are aiming at, how long should one
    do them for (time based or some other characteristic), how often, and what
    you’re working to achieve with specific exercises.

    I don’t know if you’re aiming these at total beginners, so I’m not sure if
    you want to do that at all. Sorry

  3. Jay Young (HumbleTrader001)

    I can make a squeaky type sound, but only at a very low volume. The squeaky
    sound I make has virtually no chin muscle involvement (and less effort)
    compared to either falsetto or regular head voice, & can go higher in pitch
    than even my falsetto can. However, my squeaky sound is just as wimpy as
    falsetto (but less breathy) & if I try to increase the volume of the
    squeak, the sound usually starts to crack. I’ve been experimenting with a
    squeaky sound for months, but it hasn’t increased the range of my normal
    mix at all. I can only get to a G#4 in a normal mix in some exercises. I
    used to get as high as a B4 in normal mix in some exercises before my 40s.
    I’m almost ready to give up on increasing my usable range.

  4. Hey Dan, im struggling to sing past the break around Eb to Ab, I sound
    really flutey and nasally, ive been doing all the exercises for ages now
    and still cant get a strong sound? iI sound very strange trying to sing
    around there.

  5. Ferdinand Baarde (Asia's Counter Tenor)

    Daniel is very honest and straightforward…..and very good singer and
    teacher….He is the best vocal coach so far that I encounter…he is after
    to share than to take your money, compared with other vocal coach….Money
    first before I answer your question….Daniel has Tremendous vocal power
    and control……coming from the only Bass Soprano in the world….

  6. Daniel, how do you think does Marian gold from Alphaville get that awesome
    heady but resonant and rich tone? Have you tried singing Forever Young by

  7. Really nice lesson Daniel! This particular exercise is unique from many
    other exercises I’ve learned for the same purpose. It seems both more
    intuitive to perform, and, when you do, you definitely feel the work that’s
    being done. Thanks! this instruction is a true “gold nugget!” – quality
    vocal guidance!

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Learn to sing like a proGet your FREE 5 part singing course here !

Learn to sing with confidence, power and perfect pitch...