5 HARDEST Vocals Even Original Singers STRUGGLE to Sing (Live)

Ariana Grande, Camila Cabello, Demi Lovato, Mariah Carey and Perrie Edwards (Little Mix) Famous Singers dodging and failing to hit high notes and expectations compilation

Everything About Fail or Epic Moment

40 thoughts on “5 HARDEST Vocals Even Original Singers STRUGGLE to Sing (Live)”

  1. Pink Champagne and Moonlight are some of Ari’s hardest songs… even when I lower the pitch by a LOT I still can’t sing them.

  2. Ailee would destroy every song with her amazing strong voice and Onew could totally do the same what little mix did no he could even do better

  3. maryam aldossri

    Perrie struggles to hit it because of her surgery but she improved the note since 2015 but i wouldn’t say she fully recovered

  4. i prefer ariana lip sync that note lol cs its damaging her vocal chords… i feel like all these singers should really Dodge and lip syn these high notes or they gon end up losing their voice bruh

  5. xXJenna YeshaXx

    i know no one cares but my ex that i didn’t move on from moved on to a girl who reminds me of camila cabello so whenever i listen to her i think of him she even sounds like her

  6. I think Mariah can still hit the notes it’s just her voice is getting older and she is getting lazier and can’t be bothered to practice as much as the old days. It’s like doing the splits even if you can do a full split if you stop stretching everyday you’ll stiffen up and you won’t be able to do it anymore.

  7. Nikkie Oyanguren

    1:42 one of the best dodges that I’ve ever heard. She dodged the high note like “nah the song should be sung like this”

  8. The change you life note isn’t lip synced, the note she does is a little longer than the audio and is a little shakey at the start

  9. Ntobeko Ndebele

    I feel like we should consider that they are human too. I mean those high notes were done during concerts of many hours of continuous singing. Best we can do is applaud them for making wonder music. Yes they sound pitchy at times but don’t we all sound like that after singing for a long time.

  10. i am a simple mixer i saw Perrie edwards and I click and i don’t think she did that lip sync cause on the track she has a diff voice

  11. I think perrie is incorrect during the sauté tour she couldn’t hit the note but during a performance at kiss fm I think it was she hit it perfectly and surprised herself and the girls. Since then she’s been able to repeat it! It’s quite clear she’s not lip syncing as this doesn’t sound like the track plus you can hear her breathe

  12. Camila changes her notes all the time to prove she’s singing it live she did that during fifth harmony as well

  13. *Yes, I love Perry but you can’t deny that she is lip-syncing to pre-recorded vocals in the first take* she barely even breathes before “Take it all” …

  14. *Let’s keep in mind that Mariah is hitting vocal climaxes she recorded 20 years ago unlike the others in this video…*

  15. Interesting video as always!!! Now what comes to my mind right now is why these singers feel the need to be half naked when they are actually vocalists?? Never understood that.

  16. John Ross Dela Pena

    4:44 Ariana did had a raised larynx when she executed the “–pagne!” But she did have a good placement on the next “…pouring rain.”

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