【HD】SING女團-寄明月MV(舞蹈版) [Official MV Dance Ver.]官方完整版MV

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44 thoughts on “【HD】SING女團-寄明月MV(舞蹈版) [Official MV Dance Ver.]官方完整版MV”

  1. 김클라우디아

    I’m not really interested in Cpop, but I have to say that this is just cute and adorable. Does anyone know the name of the song in English? I love it!

  2. After AOS and now come SING…admit this song was good..but yeah….their concepts are all dissappointment. I wish they delete all the concept pics in their twitter. Army doesnt please to see it. It’s a big dissappoinment. Yes. Dissappointment. How can i stan something that copy?

  3. 그들은 정말 재능이있다 나는 또한 중국 그룹 소녀의 큰 팬이고 나는 그들을 사랑한다 ❤️💕🇨🇳

  4. 这个是mv,不要和日韩的现场比。女团韩国有绝对优势。日本的AKB48也有自己的特色。中国在这方面本来就是学习者。认不清自己永远不可能有进步。

  5. 下面那些没上过学的外国人说日本文化是来自中国是我们在撒谎也就算了….华人没有必要上去硬怼吧。

  6. eww copycat my legends , you don’t have idea ? tchh queen of copying famous groups , do you need view and attention from legends ? fuck you girl , i hope you die

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