45 thoughts on “《SING女團-寄明月》韓國人的反應如何?難以置信!! 哈哈”

  1. -这个社会太浮躁

    中国风歌曲其实最重要的不是服装,而是歌词,如果要写出非常好的中国风歌词太难了,因为它追求的是那种意境。能写出这种歌词的人太少了。Chinese songs actually is the most important is not the clothing, but the lyrics, if you want to write very good Chinese wind lyrics too difficult, because it is after is the sort of artistic conception. So few people can write the lyrics. 중국 풍 노래 사실 가장 중요 한 것 은 옷 이 아 니라 가사 를 쓰 려면 아주 좋 은 중국 바람 가사 너무 어려워요 했 기 때문에 비 를 추구 하는 것 같은 분위기 로 바 뀌 었 다.이런 가사 벨 을 하는 사람 은 적다.

  2. 说实话真的多多少少能看到日本的感觉……所谓中国风就是穿一身红跳两下么反倒有种cosplay的感觉

  3. Alexis Collins

    I don’t speak Chinese (only a little) but I like this song a lot. I like the [Chinese] food a lot. And I saw it and admired it a lot 😍

  4. 昨夜みつく

    헉 싱여단의 달을 보내다네요..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ제가 엄청 좋아하는 노래인데 뮤비 리뷰해주셔서 감사합니다!!😍😍😍

  5. i really love this song by SING . it feels like I’m plating a rhythm game like zyon or cytus whenever i listen to this song ❤

  6. 47eptbmn sjnkahtkb80b

    w( ̄▽ ̄;)wワオッ!!

    (〃 ̄∇ ̄)ノ

  7. Your Chinese is pretty good, I didn’t even know you were Korean at the beginning! Awesome to see you appreciating Chinese culture. I’m Chinese American but I love this song too

  8. Melanie Castino

    I really loved this song and mv when I first saw it, everything was so beautiful ~I’m really happy you reacted to it 😭❤

  9. 这明明就是改良过的汉服啊。。大家印象中的汉服应该都是长长裙子长长袖子吧,但是跳起女团风的舞不太方便,所以改成了短款的

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