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EVERYONE has a favorite mythical creature! What’s yours??

Once upon a time there was something weird and cool.
It was sort of like that thing that’s real, but way more magical!
We thought we’d make a little list to put them in one place,
but now I see we’ll probably have to pick up the pace.

An Alicorn’s a unicorn, except that it has wings
A Banshee is lady ghost who loudly screams and sings
Basilisks are giant snakes, Bigfoot is Saskatchewan
A Bogel is a tricksy ghost that’s sort of like the Boogeyman.
Brownies are fairies who sometimes do your chores
And Centaurs have a human chest growing from a horse.
Chimera is part lion, two parts goat, and one part snake
They’re monsters like a Cockatrice, eek that’s a mistake
Cyclops is a one eyed brute who was known for eating men.
We’re just at C, okay, I guess we’ll speed it up again….

Demons can take many forms but they always come from Hell.
Dragons are so hot right now, I bet you know them well!
Dwarfs are short, squat mining folk who typically grow beards
And Elves are just like Fauns with normal butts and pointy ears

Tree people should be tree-ople, but really they’re called Ents.
And humans who are very big are obvi’ called Giants!
Gnomes are tiny forest folk who can really wear a hat!
Goblins are a greedy bunch who shriek like swarms of bats.
A Golem is a play-dough man, Gorgon are Medusa’s crew
We’re only just to Griffin?
Just a bit faster. Just a tiny Hobbit faster….

Hydra, Imp, Leprechaun and the lion-bodied Manticores.
Mermaids are part human and part animal like a Minotaur!
Ogres, Orcs, and Uruk-hai, are muscly with an ugly face
Phoenix are birds whose life cycle is a fireplace
Pixies are a hassle, Satyrs are a pain
Sirens sing to drown your crew, Sphinx has riddles and a mane.
Trolls are sometimes big and dumb, But this is DreamWorks sooo….

Unicorns are horses with a magic horn and lots of flow.
Vampires sparkle in the sun, except for when they DON’T!
Werewolves have a monthly go and a silver antidote.
Wogs are dogs but scary, Zombies want your brains.
And unless you count a Zebra, no other magical animal remains!

→ Credits ←

Sung by: Mollie Ford & Danny Tieger

Music Written & Produced by: Danny Tieger & Matt Appleton
Directed & Produced by: Matt Levy
Edited & Animated by: Matt Schneck
Executive Producer: Judy Meyers

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