Zen Singing – Exercise Preview – Free Vocal Lesson – Rock the Stage NYC

Discover all about Zen Singing – Exercise Preview – Free Vocal Lesson – Rock the Stage NYC by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Zen Singing – Exercise Preview – Free Vocal Lesson – Rock the Stage NYC.

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Breathe Support and Diaphragm Control – How to Sing

In this video, master vocal coach Kevin Richards shows you an exercise from his upcoming singing course “Zen Singing”.

This exercise called “the Spider”, is a way to balance your singing voice through proper compression and steady airflow.


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14 thoughts on “Zen Singing – Exercise Preview – Free Vocal Lesson – Rock the Stage NYC”

  1. Hello Kevin, I’m very sorry for your loss and hope you’ll fully recover
    soon. Working with your course is a delight and it really help defining my

    But today I face a major difficulty: after 1 hour of rehearsal I usually
    lose strength in the notes between my chest voice and head voice (from F#3
    to B3). Note below or above that region are fine but my voice fails in this
    particular region.

    I usually go into head voice right on F#3, knowing that I can sing until G3
    in chest voice. Am I going into head voice too soon? Which one of your
    exercise in Breaking the Chain or Vocal Fire could help me solidify this
    region? Can it come from my lack of daily training… If you have any
    suggestion I would be grateful! 🙂

    In the meantime, take care of yourself!

  2. Why some people including me, even after almost 1 year of practice can’t
    seem to make that big edgy belty sound, althought i can mix but it sounds
    little too heady and bright. I’m trained by speech level methods. What is
    the thing i’m missing on? I know that you probably must hear me, but
    generally speaking, what can be the cause for this?

  3. You are fukn awesome, Kevin.I’m thankful for the strength of your talents
    All the best to you.

  4. Happy to hear you’re back, sorry to hear about your mother. That’s one of
    the hardest things anyone has to go through.

  5. Hey Kevin! Hope you’re doing better, both physically and emotionally. I’ve
    got a feeling Mr Lunte might disagree with what you’re saying here, but the
    more I hear about your Zen Singing course, the more I believe it might be
    the one for me. Thanks for another great video!

  6. Welcome back Mr. Richards. Best wishes to you on your healing progress.
    Thanks for reminding me about the natural simplicity, and instinctive
    nature of a quality phonation! I can say that i have found myself
    distracted with some of the details of the “anatomy” of “singing
    correctly.” I think many advanced singers can relate since…………….

    to achieve the ability to sing at an advanced level is ultimately an
    experience of liberation, a “Breaking” of “The Chains” from having to
    “think” about what you are doing! The voice ultimately behaves as a result
    of “getting out of the way.” This is a notion with Zen sentiments! Looking
    forward to the special classes! Really enjoying “Breaking The Chains” and
    “Vocal Fire,” excellent material Kevin !!!

  7. happy to see u back. sorry abt the loss in yr fly. I had a hard time when I
    lost my mama 6yrs ago.

  8. Kevin, I’m so sorry to hear about your personal loss. However, I’m happy to
    see you back in the saddle again! You’re my favorite YouTube vocal coach!
    I’ve added many of your videos to my playlist and I’ve learned many
    invaluable vocal techniques from you. All the best to you during your
    healing process.

  9. Is zen singing covered in your breaking the chains product or was it
    developed after that program?

  10. Kevin now i’m confused, i’ve been wanting to buy your program for a long
    while now and i’ve come close to it but then something suddenly happens
    that forces me to have to use the money i saved (college). What does this
    zen program mean? in the sense of, what will happen to BTC? is it outdated?
    is it still worth buying? should we just wait for the new stuff to come
    out?. Is the new zen program more advanced? or simply more up to date?. So
    many questions in one go eh, just want to make sure though.

    O and, my deepest condolences for your loss. But hey she should be proud,
    her son is a badass.

  11. I’m realy sorry to hear about your loss. I also lost my father several
    years ago so I kinda know what you have to go through.. all I can say is
    that time eventually heals everything. And this was a realy good lesson

  12. hi kevin seen a good few of these ,very good,so sorry 2 hear about troubles
    ,mind urself ok, i was told i sing an octave higher ,i had a few accidents
    ,my hearing was damaged a bit ,what can i do to sing lower with a bit of
    power thanks

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