ZAYN – Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (SING OFF vs. Madison Beer)

Discover all about ZAYN – Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (SING OFF vs. Madison Beer) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here ZAYN – Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (SING OFF vs. Madison Beer).


I couldn’t get Madison to go for a drink with me; but she wasn’t interested anyway. Basically make sure they like you before you order roses and a full orchestra…. Turns out we’re more Brad and Angelina than Kim and Kanye

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40 thoughts on “ZAYN – Dusk Till Dawn ft. Sia (SING OFF vs. Madison Beer)

  1. Laurianne Music says:

    Obsessed with this, now I know all the songs of the sing-off !!

  2. Flex Like Ronnie says:

    Why is he jerking off in the air

  3. Lily Milsom says:

    Connors hand movements tho 😂😂👏

  4. Lily Milsom says:

    Maddison can’t sing dask till dawn , but the rest amazing 👏👏

  5. Ugly Dipshit says:

    i need a full cover of her on impossible😍😍😍

  6. Giana Zandi says:

    I really want him to do a cover of Sam Smith – Too good at goodbyes

  7. IamRandon Guy says:

    I’m still here exactly 1 month later😁

  8. Juan Zuniga says:

    0.75x Speed is just…….I cant explain it but its good……..AND SEXY

  9. Maddie Beeley says:

    Omfg can’t….stop…..WATCHING!!!!

  10. Robson Junior says:

    Do a Sing Off with New Hope Club boys!!!!

  11. ghartman56 says:

    What the shit! Where did this girl come from?? This is the first Sing Off that I think Conor definitely lost. Awesome job Madison!!!

  12. AyoItzJosh says:

    Can you do another sing off but with Praying – Kesha

  13. *cough *cough I see a collab coming x

  14. THere voice together sounds really good

  15. Chantelle Schram says:

    Conor and Madison should do full covers of all these songs they sound soooo good together

  16. Yasmin Yang says:

    so pure and beautiful how you guys harmonized💗

  17. Jason Borst says:

    1:39 close your eyes and it sounds like Ariana Grande

  18. jake josh says:

    Why don’t they acutally sing live?

  19. Emma Mukal says:

    oh so this is where the nightcore version came from. Can’t decide which I like more. Yours is achievable to replicate and sing along with while the nightcore is just more fun to listen to because it’s faster.

  20. Bethany McCulloch says:

    Conor, I love u, but Madison all the way😂😂

  21. Ashari Jackson says:

    You both have amazing voice’s

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