You HAVE TO Listen To This Suicidal Girl Sing!

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This is a video posted by Jasmine Sanchez who took her own life because of bullies. NEVER let bullies get to you like that, there will always be someone to talk to 🙂

Here is Jasmine’s Original Video:


40 thoughts on “You HAVE TO Listen To This Suicidal Girl Sing!

  1. 😊*PLEASE READ*😊Thank you all for your amazing comments and likes ❤. I uploaded this originally because I was so inspired by Jasmine. It makes me so happy that I have helped her inspire thousands more and I would like to share other teens on this channel to inspire or just to help them get out there, they do not have to be no longer with us, depressed or anything like that. I would love to put anyone with a voice on this channel. For more info contact me at, or reply to this comment. Thanks😊

  2. Ok so why was she bullied and how did she kill herself She was just soooo pretty, such a good singer and seemed like an amazing person!😢😭😢😭😢😭


  4. Hello. My name is Delileh Kemp. I am 13 years old. I was in a lawn mower accident when I was two years old. I am missing 2/3 of my right arm. I struggle with depression, anxiety, and bipolar with delusions. I am asking for a shout out because I want to bring awareness to bullying. I want to show people that there is more to a person than a pretty face or a skinny waist. I understand completely if you do not pay attention to my request of a shout out but I would really appreciate it. Have a nice day/night.

  5. people keep commenting that she was probably bullied but there is a good chance that she could have been depressed. Mentally and might not have been able to control it and couldn’t get the help she needed.

  6. she has a beautiful voice I wish she had lived it really makes me sick to see someone beinga bullied like that all I can say to everyone out there is to stand up for kids who are being bullied I don’t like kids who are bullied everyone is a perfect person no matter what u look like and no matter what ur personally is there will always be one person who feels like he/she doesn’t fit in or is going through this please do not think of taking ur own life cause I think everyone should have a chance to live so don’t take ur life like this girl did u should just smile at the person and say I like u even though in ur mind u still have anger just let it go unless if it gets way out of hand tell a teach or some kind of adult so this is a little favor do this for me : in ur whole life at least sit with at least 120 new people in ur life time or make about 10 new friends please and thank u if u have done this 💟💗💜💘💖💝💓💕❤💙💛💋👄💟💞

  7. Omg that’s so sad I got bullied for short hair because I was a girl with yellow,green,blue,hair that was a tom boy I wanted to die in pain but I hade a friend that I hade when I was little and she was a girl named Julia she was nice and I remembered her and I cried because of her then I didn’t care how like and when I went to in school no more I didn’t care the way I look and she reminds in my hearts forever

    -my real story

  8. Her voice is so sweet and love when high voice is she died I’m just asking okay buts she is so pretty and amazing RIP Jasmine I like ur voice

  9. I hope poeple who bully others learn from this because it can offect other poeple differently and the worst is what she did

  10. AWSOME❣️❣️❣️ LOVE IT❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  11. It’s kinda like amada Todd i fell so bad that no one could help her 😪😪😥😥😰😰😫😩😨😢😢😪

  12. SHE SINGS LIKE A ANGLE ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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