World’s Best Singing Lessons – Best Vocal Coach Demonstrates Results With Own Voice – Ken Tamplin

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World’s Best Singing Lessons – Best Vocal Coach Demonstrates Results With Own Voice – Ken Tamplin

If someone is trying to sell you on vocal lessons, can they do this? Let’s hear them sing on some of the most challenging songs in existence. I have over 300 videos on YouTube, demonstrating my singing method with my own voice and with the voices of my students. Where are all of the videos of these other coaches, singing song after killer song? If their lessons are so good then why don’t their lessons work on themselves? You won’t find anything from any other vocal coach like the collection of videos I have out on YouTube, demonstrating that my methods work. If you like the way I sing, I’ll show you how I do it. The PROOF is in the Singing!

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Ken Tamplin Demonstrates the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy Technique by singing “Fooled Around And Fell In Love.”

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36 thoughts on “World’s Best Singing Lessons – Best Vocal Coach Demonstrates Results With Own Voice – Ken Tamplin

  1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    @loungefly1 you are VERY perceptive. I do ease off there. I start FIRST on
    the o (oh) position untul I hit “the pcoket” and then modify the vowel into
    ooh. It’s the only safe way to do this especially the more weight you add
    into the sound

  2. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    @kentamplin kentamplinvocalacademy(dot)com/2012/01/upload-your-vocal-sample

  3. marko blakely says:

    awesome ken…I’ve been rediscovering your voice via these videos..soulful
    and nice on this one..dig it!

  4. dioandro julio says:

    how to hit those high notes like you’ve did on this video?

  5. metfreak14 says:

    I have a request. Would you cover a couple songs by a melodic death metal
    band called Arch Enemy? One in the vocals of Johan Liiva (“Beast of Man”)
    and one in the vocals of Angela Gossow (” Bloodstained Cross”). Thanks.

  6. 2JobsStillPoorUSA says:

    Hi Ken: I’m wondering exactly what you are doing with your tongue at
    certain times. It’s like make it short and narrow. Is there is a reason you
    do that? (or is it just the way your tongue goes?)

  7. Nestor Silva says:

    hey ken, nice voice! I have a question. Do you also teach that rasp in your
    voice? Ive started singing rock and my voice is too clean, I try to make it
    sound raspy but im afraid cause I feel like its gonna hurt or im gonna lose
    my voice and not finish the set…..any advice?

  8. SuperSongbird1990 says:

    Hi Mr.Tamplin I have a question When I sing I tend to lose the pitch of my
    voice why is that? 

  9. jonald ramos says:

    great song and you did it well MR. KT…thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Lance Hampton says:

    Hey ken my band got to open for mickey Thomas with starship the other night
    and they played this song it was killer man i got to talk to him after the
    show really cool dude. great lesson 

  11. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Mickey is the man! :-)

  12. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    That info actually comes with the course in a pdf file called “How To Do
    This Volume” Depending on how often, how closely you are following it etc.
    you should be able to move on from Volume 1 in about 6-8 weeks.

  13. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    that’s awesome. stay plugged into the KTVA singers forums for questions as
    they will really help you as well

  14. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    Christina throws her sound to the front of the cord (like Adele) which will
    hurt her over tie. Whitney does not. I teach all of this in my course. The
    course and the student forums are on the KenTamplinVocalAcademy(dot)com
    site. The forums are under the tab that says resources. It will say forums.
    You can sign up there.

  15. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    that would be like saying we couldn’t learn anything from Robert Plant or
    many other. Influnece is always a good thing if they are talented like
    Christina. It’s the longevity and preservation of the voice WITH growth we
    also want to include in that equasion

  16. Spenser Latson says:

    I have seriously enjoyed watching all your videos. It’s really awesome to
    see someone PROVE they can do what they say they can. Not only that, but
    you’ve done it in several videos, over several genres, and several vocal
    styles. Im saving up for your system but it’s a slow process with that damn
    rent check every month! If I could get half of what you have, it’ll be the
    best money ever spent. So much respect for you sir. YOU ROCK!

  17. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    thanks for your kind words

  18. marko blakely says:

    I like the fact that you respect all singers from a wide spectrum of
    influences..great job brother

  19. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    I really do 🙂 Thanks!

  20. reinaldo santiago says:

    a really really good singer 

  21. Strings013 says:

    Hey Ken why don’t u sing a cover of sweet child of mine

  22. Bunrith Yean says:

    have you heard about lucy lawless singing this song? 

  23. AqueousStar7 says:

    Fantastic voice……I wish I lived near to come to your lessons Ken! lol

  24. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    The majority of my lessons are via webcam. Since the majority of my
    students don’t live near me, we skype the sessons. It allows my students to
    be anywhere in the world. So if you’re serious, check out my website at
    KenTamplinVocalAcademy(dot)com under singing lessons)

  25. Caesar Sanchez says:

    hi can can you please get intouch with me i need too ask you for some
    advice about singing please thank you i emailed you a while ago thank you

  26. Caesar Sanchez says:

    hi ken can you help me out here i need advice from you about singing

  27. Caesar Sanchez says:

    Hi ken, I send you a sample of my singing on facebook in the messages, you
    should see it its a little audio player thank you so much ken

  28. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    I will check it out, when did you send it?

  29. izaak mccullough says:

    Hi ken how can I increase my vocal rang? What are the best exercises ?e

  30. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy says:

    it’s not just about exercises. It’s about correct strength training. I
    cover this in my course

  31. bruno mbruno says:

    hello, i’m a beginner i have a question for you when you sing in tune/a
    note should your voice sound like waves when you sing it right??? if you
    could answer to that i would really appreciate it,
    thank you 

  32. Painting With Marc says:

    So refreshing to see a vocal coach who backs up what he says by singing
    brilliantly, looks to me like you’ve mastered the art!

  33. that is an awesome voice. wish I could sing like that.

  34. ERving mendoza says:

    you are so good Ken , a great coach and a great singer as well.

  35. ERving mendoza says:

    can you sing ” I want to know what love is” by the Foreigners for me, it’s
    one of my favorite

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