William McCulloch – The Singing Lesson – Monologue – 78 rpm

Discover all about William McCulloch – The Singing Lesson – Monologue – 78 rpm by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here William McCulloch – The Singing Lesson – Monologue – 78 rpm.

Here’s William McCulloch The Scottish monologist humourist and story teller recounting his story “The Singing Lesson” what you see in this video is the 1973 vinyl LP “OOR Willie” reissue of the original rare 78 rpm shellac record playing on my beloved Numark TTX ultra modern record player.

William McCulloch was of Highland descent, but lived in Paisley all his life. At one time he wanted to be a lawyer, but instead he worked in the local Parish Council, collecting rates. In his spare time he was interested in amateur dramatics and opera, appearing in a number of comic roles (he was principal comedian with the Glasgow Orpheus Club).

After leaving the Parish Council McCulloch became a professional entertainer, and for twenty five years he traveled throughout Scotland and beyond, reciting his monologues to hugely appreciative audiences. The monologues were also popular when released on 78 rpm records.

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