Wilbur Sargunaraj: How to sing Indian Classical Music

Discover all about Wilbur Sargunaraj: How to sing Indian Classical Music by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Wilbur Sargunaraj: How to sing Indian Classical Music.

Welcome to Sargunaraj Super Call Solutions! In this episode, filmed in Varanasi, Wilbur and Vocalist Maya Iyer teach you the basics of Indian classical music. Also featured is a performance of Vaishnav Jan to (Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite Bhajan) “He who understands the pain of others is one of God’s own. Helping others in need, he or she does not gloat in pride.”

42 thoughts on “Wilbur Sargunaraj: How to sing Indian Classical Music

  1. Thanks Wilbur for another First Class video!!

  2. Roderick Raguel says:

    First Class ..! ”WILBS” 😛

  3. I was watching the Steve Harvey show a couple hours ago and on the
    blackboard, I swear, said Hindustani and Carnatic on it.

  4. Kumaresan Lakshmanan says:

    Plz, wilb! do a carnatic – pop mix song.

  5. GEhotpants101 says:

    Things I have learned from this video: There’s much more to classical
    Indian singing than I ever thought about. I don’t do nearly enough thinking
    about classical Indian singing. Indians speak very quickly no matter what
    language they’re speaking. I’m lucky Wilbur even does his videos in
    English. I know very little.

  6. mjshaheed says:

    hmm….her husband is also a singer/rapper in tamil movies!!! 🙂

  7. Steven Pam says:

    Beautiful singing, Madam Maya Iyer. Thank you! I will try not to sing bald
    or beat the notes.

  8. Bruce Wayne says:

    what you sonnenga…. hahaha lol.. i am so crazy abt u man… i like.. you..

  9. drifter666 says:

    Cows in the background can sing better than Wilbur.

  10. kandharpa verma says:

    Hindustani sounds so sweet! one of my biggest dream this life learn to play
    Bhansuri 🙂

  11. Shriram kashyap says:

    one doubt if indian classical music is called hindusthani why south indian
    is refer as carnatic both should call same name? both music origin same
    nation rite?

  12. Anirudh Ranganath says:

    They aren’t exactly the same. There are differences.

  13. harismatic says:

    WILBS …hahaha … awesome stuff

  14. Tejas Mallela says:

    Yeah as a student of Indian classical music myself, I can say without doubt
    that the indian classical forms of music are very complex and

  15. Sanchayan Sriskandarajah says:

    I want to go to Banares

  16. ubermensch826 says:


  17. 200-300 yrs back urdu was also called as hindustani. since north indian
    classical music has a lot of muslim/urdu influence, it’s called hindustani
    whereas carnatic (south indian) has remained unaffected by persian/muslim

  18. Hiccup of Irony says:

    you are all into some weird shit

  19. Renee Knight says:

    Very nice! Lovely song, appreciated the translation, Wilbur.

  20. Wilbur Sargunaraj says:

    Calling Indian Classical music *shit* is not so #firstclass 😀

  21. Anirudh Sivakumar says:

    Same Ragas are used both in Hindustani and Carnatic, the way they are sung
    are different, also the name of Ragas are different (or sometimes similar),
    arrangement of Ragas are different, etc.

  22. Durga Prasad says:

    Wilbur Sargunaraj, u r rocking..ur title song clip is very nice :-)

  23. madamecarroll says:

    She really broke it down very well. I really learned something! :)

  24. Srini Hari says:

    Great..wilbur u need to demonstate the tamilnadu favourite kutthu
    parota..the art of making this super first class food from tamilnadu

  25. Johnny Brandt says:

    Sweden’s official song for UEFA EURO 2004, by Markoolio, is still a hit on the terraces.

  26. Grant Wiley says:

    Learn how to keep control of your voice when nervous, and during performances.

  27. James Sutton says:

    She has encouraged me to sing some songs which I do not naturally feel comfortable with and not in my normal repertoire but which will stretch me and build my confidence.

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