Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine

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Jimmy challenges Adam to a friendly game of random musical impressions, like Michael Jackson singing the Sesame Street theme song.

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Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine

39 thoughts on “Wheel of Musical Impressions with Adam Levine

  1. Joel diek says:

    Omg when Adam did the Micheal Jackson impression I was like
    wooooaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!! XD

  2. Casey Miller says:

    MJ was great 😳👏🏻👍🏻

  3. ReeSult007 says:


  4. Pupplover 323 says:

    Adam forgot eyes and ears and mouth and nose

  5. NOELLE Hardcore.Unicorns NOELLE (Savage) says:

    Every time jimmy fallon does a impression he makes the same voice

  6. Hailey Hollowell says:

    I’m in love with this. 😍❤

  7. Geek Dragon says:

    Gerard Way? Brendon Urie? Tyler Joseph? Patrick Stump? Melanie Martinez?
    Where are my children in this series?


    that iggie azalea impression was on point

  9. Nick Morrison says:

    Eddie vedder impressions was amazing

  10. Ana Claudia says:

    where can I find michael Jackson’s song????

  11. Daniel Torres says:

    Is it just me or is Jimmy Fallon awkward af

  12. Juan Nuñez says:

    The Sesame Street intro was so awesome

  13. MALACHI AMOS Perlas says:

    Love it . Michael Jackson impression

  14. Rozeline LaCroix says:

    Sia needs to be in thid one!!

  15. Amelia Ashford says:

    Holy bejeesus-
    That Eddie Vedder impression XD

  16. Starwonder0414 AJ says:

    I see Livin’ on a Prayer and Don’t Stop Belevin’ in the wheel and i’m like
    “please, i just want to hear an impression. Doesn’t matter who its with.
    just once, please?”

  17. The Legend 27 says:

    Just imagine Freddie mercury

  18. Nick Woodfin says:

    Uh….guys? I…I don’t think the button actually does anything.

  19. A Lance Stewart Fan says:

    Iggy would have gotten so mad at jimmy if she was their

  20. Fabricio Aguiar Michel says:

    Who could dislike this?

  21. Lilly Vazquez says:

    Is it weird that I kept biting my lip when I replayed Adams impression of
    Micheal Jackson?😂

  22. Samantha Pasha says:

    When Jimmy said lets get drunk on the mini barn i could stop laughing

  23. Pyromaniac1339 says:

    why is this the first thing that pops up when i search Eminem Jimmy Fallon

  24. Michelle Maysonet says:

    i love the MJ impression❤😂

  25. Mirella Kayali says:

    Jimmy ‘s bob dylan impression 😲

  26. When I first began to learn to sing I simply went to karaoke bars and blasted out a tune, plenty of the time in a really strained approach, as a result of I by no means new how sound labored in the first place.

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