What would you do if I asked you to sing? | Janet Planet | TEDxOshkosh

Discover all about What would you do if I asked you to sing? | Janet Planet | TEDxOshkosh by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here What would you do if I asked you to sing? | Janet Planet | TEDxOshkosh.

Veteran vocalist Janet Planet shares how to discover the vertical and melodic qualities that are accessible through speaking with expression and the tactile sensations that words provide in song.

NOTE: This video is a replacement – with subtle sound adjustments – for a previous video that had 522 views

Janet Planet is a vocalist with a lifetime of busy concert schedules that have taken her to performing arts centers, opera houses, colleges, universities, jazz festivals and jazz clubs across the USA. She loves words, and her interpretations are based not only on meaning, but also on the way words feel as they fall out of her mouth. She is fascinated by the vibrations of consonants and the nakedness of vowels…the envelope of a diphthong and the connection of words – one image at a time.

Beyond her successful performance schedule, she provides educational forums on vocal performance, runs a recording studio, and manages her own record label, Stellar Sound Productions.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

40 thoughts on “What would you do if I asked you to sing? | Janet Planet | TEDxOshkosh

  1. Starlord The Emperor of Infinity! says:

    I’ll shove my stinky and dirty socks down your throat.

  2. Nissan TitanWarrior says:

    I’d tell you to suck it…..ALL OF IT!

  3. Penguinvader says:

    I would politely but firmly refuse.

  4. Chris Cabral says:

    I would probably formulate a very simplistic line of context, art takes time to be thought….speculation is a process given briefly, thus a jaded response would follow….so in most cases, a larger number of people asked to sing will over think, simple is the most complex.

  5. sinamen516 says:

    I freak out everytime someone ask me to sing solo eek!! 🤐

  6. Olorin Elior says:

    So basically we should all live in a musical.

  7. Kendall Reyes says:

    I really liked this, she’s got a huge point. People lose this expressiveness the older we get

  8. I would think about a song and then sing it, you ask me to dance I’ll do it, you ask me to do anything artistic I’d do it 😂 because I don’t really mind what other thinks, I mean I know I don’t know how to sing or dance but I’ll do it just for the fun

  9. Is enter my defensive state. Turn off the lights and curl up in the corner.

  10. Insatiable Folie says:

    It’s not the singing part that’s terrifying. It’s standing in front of an audience that really scares the sh*t out of people.

  11. The background guitar music and the melodic way she speaks made this talk so engaging and enjoyable I love it

  12. Magic Events says:

    I would only make you laugh by the way I sing

  13. Nikola Bartková says:

    This is an extraordinary good talk.

  14. Nandy Mlomo says:

    lol Umtata is not the poorest/smallest of all and it’s not in ” the mountains”.

  15. James Lagnese says:

    because some of us can’t sing at all.

  16. João Vitor says:

    I think I would run as fast as I can…I’m too afraid of people to feel good about myself.

  17. Marelisa Fabrega says:

    “Think of singing as words with melody, rather than melody with words.” This is a fantastic TED Talk! I watched it on a whim and I’m very glad that I did.

  18. Dreamer Jewel says:

    I’m so glad I say this Ted Talk the day it was posted. I love singing and have been trying to teach myself to sing using free resources, but sometimes I still hesitate to sing in front of people.

  19. Anyone can abbreviate. I Brasilian and im cant understand well. And the legend in ingles is a lier. I beginning the lessons of inglessh, but inchoate. And this is so relevent to me. I wanna singer, im write, thanks and peace. 😊

  20. Samantha Dunn says:

    But I’ll tell you as an adult people don’t take kindly to this.. I am fairly expressive and enthusiastic when I speak/ with my facial expressions and people are always giving me dirty looks

  21. RealGamerManz says:

    I’d probably do some inhale screaming and scare the shit out of you

  22. Arsenio Buck says:

    Lol! My friends in Vietnam always ask me to sing through a voice note, and although I’ve been told that I have somewhat of a voice, I’m still a bit scared. HA! Loved this.

  23. Russell van den Berg says:

    this is great, so well put together. thank you!

  24. Tunc Freeman says:

    This is proof of what I have been telling since 2012. 👏👏👏

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