What Does Vibrato Feel Like? – How to Sing with Vibrato – Felicia Ricci

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What Does Vibrato Feel Like? – How to Sing with Vibrato / – Take my FREE 3 video belt singing course!

Vibrato comes once you’ve established a healthy seal between your breath and your vocal fold.

In this video, I’ll describe exactly what vibrato feels like and how you can achieve it using some mental adjustments.
(Yes, singer buds, it’s primarily a mental process!)

Simply go through these steps and discover your own vibrato:

1. Good breathing/vocal technique means good vibrato.
2. Vibrato is felt in the back of your mouth. Not in your throat!
3. When activating vibrato, relax into it.
4. Do NOT push harder.

Vocal Tip: Vocal wobbles happen when you push down or add more effort on your throat. Your voice box is basically shaking around, causing a large jump between pitches versus a vibrato which is lighter and more subtle. So if you ever get the urge to press down — don’t.

Just remember, good vocal technique will lead to a healthy and pleasing vibrato, but these mental adjustments will get you that much closer to easy, natural-sounding vibrato.
Keep practicing, my friends! ☺

xo Fel

As a professional voice finder, it’s my sworn duty to teach you how to find your singing voice! Learning how to improve your singing voice is all about simple, achievable steps that make SENSE to you. All of us learn how to sing on our own timeline, and certain things will click more than others. But it’s important that YOU understand your voice more than anyone else — learning how to be a good singer is, in many ways, getting to know yourself 🙂 If you feel you don’t yet know how to sing like a pro, be patient — every baby step and daily practice session helps. (And I’ll keep posting new vids to help you!)
xo Fel

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41 thoughts on “What Does Vibrato Feel Like? – How to Sing with Vibrato – Felicia Ricci

  1. Amiete Bokolo says:

    Please Fel can you make a video about singing sort of like Michael
    Jackson….how he uses his head voice,chest voice, and everything and mix
    it and all..just to teach us a little about it…thank you… :)

  2. Shaniya Sims says:

    hey i love your video’s and they really help alot. can you do how to sing
    alive by sia

  3. Jennifer Camche says:

    Thank You Felicia, I too am a vocal coach and teacher, and have always been
    really down to earth with my students and try to take the scientific
    mystery and overthinking out of singing. So many teachers make it such a
    complex thing. I love your videos, they remind me that I am not alone in
    the ways that I explain things! Your channel is great!

  4. OaKoustic rOOM says:

    OMG! I cant thanks you enough, its been years since i tried to get vibrato.
    i have watch so many videos but this video just enlighten me. Thank you so

  5. Chris “Keri” MC says:

    Hello Felicia. Can you make a video explaining about SLS technique? Thank
    you very much

  6. Telesia Gerstle says:

    Hi Fel! really enjoy lessons from you,very helpful for regular singers like
    me with no formal training, but I been singing in choirs for 25 yrs. or so,
    also new to technology & able to discover this wonderful way of learning &
    free a blessing in itself,so keep,up the good work & THANK YOU!!

  7. brandon2932 says:

    I didn’t know Amy Poehler could sing

  8. Maggie010 says:

    Do you teach people, like a singing coach? Do you have a website or…?

  9. That Doesn't Get The B*tches says:

    I Don’t Get It.

  10. Celcie Seii says:

    i want to know how to slow down vibrato. pls make a video for that.thanks

  11. Pump White says:

    Thank you Fel my vibrato is starting to settle in thank you thank you thank

  12. Yasumi Ⓥ says:

    “A little smile in the back of my mouth” is the best description I’ve heard
    of vibrato lol I’ll think of that every single time

  13. Fátima ArMarques says:

    It totally makes sense. knowing a bit Of Phonetcis helps in singing. I
    completely felt it.

  14. PetroleumJellay says:

    I love you and your videos so much. Other people are so vague and make 10
    minute videos of a bunch of info, but not actual steps to achieve the
    skill, and then they ask you to pay for their course for like $100+ for
    more information and “tips”. Thank God you actually go in depth and explain
    things very easily but effectively; You’re little analogies are genius!

  15. j miller62 says:

    Wow, I learned more about my voice, vibrato and how to control it & what to
    do when I practice watching this than I did in 3 semesters in a really
    subpar theatre program.

  16. Mialee Tran-Boutros says:

    there is something that my favorite members from my favorite band and it’s
    like a virbrato but the pitch goes down and it doesn’t really sound like a
    wave…. does anyone know what this is called? I’ll try and put a link

  17. Clouds' Vlogs says:

    My vibrato is non-existent and I’m lost. It’s impossible.

  18. Alexander dubois says:

    i got a question, do you mean a constant release of the pressure so the
    vibrations accures? or releasing then bringing back voice pressure in a
    loop : )? i mean do you cause every vibration in the voice or vibrations
    comes alone when you “activate” vibrato?
    love ya : ) !

  19. Ariana Jaramillo says:

    That owl in the back kinda tripped me out lol. Great video though.

  20. Shardul Mandloi says:

    I don’t like that owl in the background staring at me. :/

  21. Sheyenne Autumn says:

    This totally made so much sense to me. I realized how much more I actually
    needed to lift my soft palate to get vibrato! I thought I just couldn’t do
    it but I can! Thank you so much

  22. Louie Bartlett says:

    no matter how many times I practice, I still can’t find my vibrato.

  23. BTS장 은 훈 says:

    can u hear my cover song please tell me what do u think please

  24. BTS장 은 훈 says:

    hey all singers in the world it works for me like magic

  25. I always have vibration when I’m singing.

  26. Jane Sharp says:

    When I do what you say and lift up my voice becomes breathy and a vibrato
    that is very staccato rather than smooth comes out

  27. WheezMania says:

    You confirmed something I didn’t want to admit. I’ve been forcing vibrato
    from my throat and getting that “warble”. I have to teach myself all over
    again but it’s worth keeping my voice strong. You explain singing
    sensations better than anyone else. Thank you!

  28. Saphire Girl says:

    u r amazing and really helpful

  29. miahchinita says:

    Hi Fel! thank you for this video! It really helps a lot, now I can somehow
    hear the vibrato on my voice while singing. More practice for me 🙂 Thank
    you very much!

  30. Richard Keng says:

    Hello Fel, I have this problem, I have that “tickle feeling” but it only
    happens when i’m not producing sound and just lip-syncing and when i try,
    it just vanish, are there any ways to help make that “Tickle feeling”
    coming into a sound.


  31. Nichole Rebecca Tynes says:

    I do like this video I do want to learn viberio

  32. Shaquetta Stewart says:

    Hey Fel! I’m just wondering if you are soprano?!

  33. Linda Abdeljawad says:


  34. Chrystell says:

    All your dangerous habits will slip away as your voice develops into a wholesome, appropriately functioning singing voice, with giant vocal vary, and magnificent tone high quality.

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