13 thoughts on “What Are Voice Lessons With Robert Lunte Like?

  1. Percie Jackson says:

    I died when i saw the intro 😀

  2. MyristicMystic says:

    The Maestro invented yelling, don’t you know? And having that kind of massive echo effect probably really helps the student feel empowered! Now let’s take the quarter horizontal embouchure through the eight transmogrified formants, and then beyond the diaphragmatic, acoustic, parallel mask, and finally, into the pharyngeal/laryngeal placement.

  3. sam doyle says:

    Unsubbed. Your head is too pentangular shaped

  4. TonyQuackston says:

    Lune knows so much.. about doing cool poses 😆

  5. Doctor: I’m sorry the results came back positiveMe: I have cancer?!Doctor: No..You are related to cancer AKA Robert LunteMe: *shoots myself in head*

  6. Mark Morgon-Shaw says:

    Wtf… never seen anything like that in a singing lesson

  7. Christopher Larose says:

    isnt lunte trying to make u homeless by making your landlord repo the space u occupy. i wanna know why still go after him.

  8. Christopher Larose says:

    my voice coach says lunte wants to be like neil diamond. from swagger…but hes not pushing god like tamplin

  9. Ron Stone says:

    I liked the video. I don’t know if what Robert is teaching is dangerous but I think it might be misplaced with the student. She does not look like a prog metal singer, though I could be wrong. What Robert does is right, I think, for the style of music he prefers and writes for himself. But she does sing well, at least, so far. We would really need to see her some years down the road and see if she both practices the instruction and if it has helped her maintain or improve. That is, I am not a fan boy of Robert and I am also not an expert in singing, certainly not a teacher of singing. (You know, that whole Lucifer thingy …) It could be that the strength I hear in her voice is adequate to withstand this method. But, like you, I might not advise such heavy work for a beginner and I don’t know if this vid is from an advanced super duper package or not.

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