Voice Training: “Riffs, Runs, & Control – Part 1”

Discover all about Voice Training: “Riffs, Runs, & Control – Part 1” by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Training: “Riffs, Runs, & Control – Part 1”.

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This voice training video deals specifically with how to develop the ability to sing riffs and runs, but these same methods also help to develop overall pitch control, accuracy and vocal agility.

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42 thoughts on “Voice Training: “Riffs, Runs, & Control – Part 1”

  1. Seandroid says:

    “Too crazy with the riffs and runs.” Christina Aguilera.

  2. Jesus Soto says:

    Yea did u recognize where that run came from? Hint: Mariah but what song?

  3. JonaElPortiere says:

    How can I know with voice type I have ?

  4. it feels like im learning singing lessons from BabyFace .. aha .

  5. Justin D. says:

    piano notes match your voice between ranges the majority of the note you
    hit within said rang would be your voice type look up the key ranges
    between soprano ,alto ,tenor, baritone, and bass.

  6. Danarius Anderson says:

    hi eric you are an awesome singer and i have been trying to sing but i seem
    to have run into some errors i would love for you to watch my video called
    danarius sings and leave some helpful feedback on things i should work on

  7. Olivia Constantino says:

    You’re handsome haha, thanks for the tips!

  8. GustavoBravo says:

    you gave me great advice! i sang ten times better than i did before by
    following these rules!

  9. jessica rheanon says:

    I remember watching this video around three years ago, and i still havent
    forgot a thing. Now im back and it has become so much easier

  10. Denasia Davis says:

    yo when he did mariah carey, he kinda sounded like her!!!! :X

  11. Micheal Mason says:

    I agree yet disagree mariah carey – forever nearly every sentence ia riffed
    but it sounds amazing

  12. ninashadows777 says:

    Thank you for editing your vid and keeping it to the point.

  13. Nice video but I know how to do this as I’ve actually loved runs since I
    was like 6 so I know how..also I love Jessie j….

  14. Bunny Savior says:

    Do runs have to be quick? Also do you think Candice Glover and Christina
    Aguilera over sing?

  15. V Baritone says:

    I like his advice for singers of contemporary music. It helps his case that
    he has a very nice voice as well to demonstrate. Obviously, there’s a lot
    of singers out there who need good advice. It would be better for him to
    clarify exactly who he’s speaking to, as opposed to all singers of all
    music. This technique would not help singers be heard off stage over an
    orchestra or band without a mic. For this, you would need to do almost the
    exact opposite of what he advises.

  16. DeaconDeZ says:

    Jennifer Holiday needs to watch this!

  17. truongphan90 says:

    I don’t think Candice oversing, her runs incorporate well with the music.
    Christina, does oversing but she’s one of the few that can get away doing
    it. The speed of your runs depends on your preference and the tempo of the
    music on which you’re singing.

  18. CliffTheAlpha says:

    So, on the website, what lessons would I want to focus on if I’m JUST
    starting, I’m really lost, I don’t know where to start, basically,I’m not
    sure what I need to work on and what I don’t need to work on.


    Beautiful voice Eric, yes sir!

  20. TheOnly Debonair says:

    Hello Eric, I appreciate you taking the time to post this information. I’ve
    been singing for years, no special training just natural talent. I would
    love to have you to critique me (Only1Debonair) and leave comments? I have
    also liked your page on facebook and look forward to hearing and learning
    more. You have a beautiful voice. 🙂

  21. Travis travtrav Robinson Rob says:

    I meant do pop filters help not to hear the. Recording artist breathing or
    taking a voice while recording album. I noticed I live you can hear them
    take a breath not unless they back up from the mic or step away. But on an
    album you dnt hear the breath being taking. Plz respond. And thanks. I’m
    Trav btw. Nice to meet, so I will be checking back and forth to see if I
    got a reply. Thanks and again you’re gifted and blessed bruh. Keep doing
    what you do & keep the videos coming. Thanks :’)!

  22. Juliette Jean. says:

    you’re right about te stomache thing!!!!!i triedit thanks. i dont want your
    online course i wanna meet u in person lol

  23. Cynthia Ward says:

    Be strong in the Lord and the power of His might. Let us learn how to do
    this in the time of trouble. Peace!!!!

  24. SuckerKiss says:

    I’ve been taught tightening the stomach was helpful to get a powerful toned
    sound .. kind of like Whitney Houston she uses compression

  25. EricArceneaux says:

    You were taught wrong. There needs to be energy – yes. There needs to be
    movement – certainly. But NOT tightening, locking, or any form of conscious
    contraction of the abdominal muscles. “Compression” involves much more than
    just abs. And I can tell you: Dr. William Riley, the man who helped Whitney
    reach her vocal prime, has never taught stomach tightening. The key is
    learning how to use your entire body as your instrument. Check out the link
    for my singing course in the info box 😉

  26. Robert Granville says:

    I really appreciate the work you do Eric thank you for coming back to
    videos that you put out years ago just to help us out. You’re a great
    teacher keep it up and I’m learning from you as well in fact I like to sing
    but there is definitely room for improvement. A lot… I really love it
    though. Again, I just want to say thanks for all your hard work.

  27. Vanessa O. says:

    Hey can you make a video on how to sing like toni braxton?

  28. Samerra Dean says:

    I cant stop singing through my throat

  29. Oh, how I agree, I’m always telling my own students “less is more”. I’m
    going to recommend some of them listen to your presentation. It’s amazing
    how they sit up and take notice when another teacher says the same thing:)
    I enjoyed your presentation very much.

  30. prince wisdom says:

    mr eric help me to no how to sing better

  31. Daniel Fletcher says:

    Eric what should i do to control my voice. I have so much power but control
    is a must. I’m taking vocal classes but control is something i struggle
    with every time.

  32. Nolan Phillips says:

    You remind me of Troy from Community

  33. As it was a pantomime, there were jokes, magic methods, songs and even a 3D clip.

  34. Madelyn Melendez says:

    Sing and Sign was initially inspired by the West Sussex signal help system ‘Say It and Sign It’and you might be prone to recognise the overwhelming majority of our personal indicators additionally being used in your baby’s future nursery and/or college, or by a younger good friend with particular needs, or by a young fan of BBC TV’s Mr.Tumble!

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