Voice Lessons: Vocal Vibrato (Prt. 2)

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This second installment in the Eric Arceneaux vibrato voice lessons series explaining the importance of breathing’s effect on singing better.

This voice lesson has 3 powerful vibrato exercises, designed to free your natural way of breathing.

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41 thoughts on “Voice Lessons: Vocal Vibrato (Prt. 2)

  1. cyborgmetal says:

    Any neck/throat exercises, my friend. The breathing ones work greeeaat!

  2. j sledge lizada says:

    keep on trying, the more it hurts the more it gets gooder XD 

  3. Bruce.. Leeroy says:

    Works great! If these stretches “hurt”, you should go see a doctor…

  4. Ruby Walker says:

    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ Don’t sing if it actually hurts, you could damage your voice! 

  5. mario xie says:

    support you forever and i am a chinese and i need a people like you for
    teaching me so thanks so much i will watch you haha just a joke

  6. Dominic Fernando says:

    OMG. I can sorta do it now. I can’t wait to sing in the shower. XD

  7. MuSiClUvA Barrett says:

    WTF. it looks so easy. I hurts like hell. I must be fat D; 

  8. atiyakarim94 says:

    thank you sooo much thus really helped!!

  9. bellepointpenn says:

    Wow I felt my chest really open up after the first exercise .. And not in a
    creepy Alien shooting out of the chest way.

  10. Elma April says:

    wow i immediately got it! dang! so easy thank u!!

  11. donna kennedy says:

    i want a teacher like u in my house u r sexy i hope u dont have agirlfriend
    contact me please. 

  12. What?! I gotta stand up?! Ok fine lol 😛 I’m gonna get buff learning to
    sing 😀 

  13. Fiona Jane Skyers says:

    Eric, when I use to sing, I use to struggle at every single level,
    especially where breathing is concerned, but now, the first session I done
    of this, I immediatly felt a greater improvement in my vocal tone and with
    my breathing. 3rd time I commented now cuz ur great, which I normally don’t
    do. Its cuz ur a great teacher and ur voice proves it, its great to hear
    you sing. Thanks for ur kindness and time; you give to those that cannot
    afford one to one vocal sessions.

  14. Renata Rivera says:

    Good advice! It’s easier and good exercises. But I have to say, I was
    suspicious of a hidden workout in there. Haha. 

  15. Joe Alarcon says:

    That’s The Reason why his body is like that O.O Thanks,Eric :D

  16. MailoJive says:

    I get yoga AND a vocal lesson? This is great! :)

  17. Porter Lyman says:

    Did it first try. Awesome video!

  18. Jahvel Blair says:

    thanks a lot eric! I am singing a lot better. 

  19. Regina Sharno says:

    You are awesome teacher and handsome

  20. fyafyta13 says:

    I’m not gay, but the whole video I found myself just staring at your eyes
    and smiling.

  21. Happy “Sunny” Joy says:

    Thank you. Your instructions are clear and helpful, you’re great. And I am
    all stretched out now, had no idea all this went into making a singing
    voice so much better. Thank you again, sincerely.

  22. Songwriter137 says:

    wow. sung before and after this and everything improved! thanks! :D

  23. kendrick glover says:

    Great video man! Thanks for the help! 

  24. PoorGirlism says:

    I hope I have a vocal teacher like you


  26. Philip Lavra says:

    how long does it take for the breathing exercises to be effective and be
    able to breathe freely without forcing it out

  27. lemonlovestea says:

    thanks so much btw you are very attractive lol

  28. Quinton Hollingsworth says:

    All these videos helped me eminencely! Much appreciation, brother.

  29. Gonna use this, been trashing my vocal chords without warming up properly

  30. Nathaniel Hendricks says:

    If the first part of a familiar song text is given, most of us will finish singing the song, even if we sing it only in thought!

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