Voice Lessons: Vocal Vibrato (Part. 1)

Discover all about Voice Lessons: Vocal Vibrato (Part. 1) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lessons: Vocal Vibrato (Part. 1).

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This is Part 1 of my Youtube voice lesson series on Vibrato. When I give lessons as a voice coach I get asked about it all the time. In this video, I answer the following questions:

– What is vibrato?
– What are wrong ways of producing it?
– What is good approach for getting it in my voice?

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42 thoughts on “Voice Lessons: Vocal Vibrato (Part. 1)

  1. charisse mahone says:

    thanks for the advice..my problem now is to use my normal ugly voice..

  2. flakdros123 says:

    “you guys asked for it, and you guys get it” OH CAN WE PLEASE

  3. mhyharot harot says:

    Your handsomeness is distracting me from listening :”>

  4. WizardsMom75 says:

    ok Im with ya.. Now, ending on the “see” in Oh say can u see”, how do I put
    vibrata in the “see”. The “see” is just coming out without it! Please help

  5. Chase Lloyd says:

    I am completely straight, but this guy is fucking sexy.

  6. Jane BProducts says:

    Your eyes ! you killing me *—-*

  7. Lucas Marcelino says:

    ya i thinkt it too jjajajajjajajajajajaja

  8. WhiteWolf349 says:

    “Your voice…a violin….or a saxaphone.” Lol…I do all three. xD

  9. Maerie Takamura says:

    I’m straight but daaamn I feel seduced.

  10. BaybeeDimplezz says:

    Nigga I see you, yea you trying to seduce me!!! with those sexy ass eyes of

  11. the last minute was so funny hahahaha but very informative lol

  12. SuperCalebb says:

    hey my friend mentioned something called the runs, he said it was REALLY
    hard to do and it was a rapid vibrato and tht you have to push hard with
    your chest, what is he talking about and can someone explain how to do it?

  13. Victoria Clemente says:

    He has videos on riffs and runs, but he teaches with learning to relax your
    stomach and throat. It’s just changing notes quickly, not vibrating it.

  14. NorthernPioneer says:

    This is going to sound weird coming from a dude, but your voice just
    talking is kind of relaxing. A nice thing to hear while learning.

  15. paavnianand says:

    How can I learn to sing vibrato if all I can think about is how beautiful
    his face is?

  16. dylan mcrae says:

    yesss thanks my singing improved c:

  17. Tien Kishi says:

    You’re soooo CUTE!!!! Just had to say.. Also I’ve subscribed cuz not only
    for that reason, but also you have the best sound i’ve personally heard
    from a YouTube voice coach. Thx for that! Will b watcing 😉

  18. Tracey Anderson says:

    These comments are cracking me up! I love the tutorial…very informative
    yet simplistic. 🙂 Thanks Arceneaux!

  19. Brian Vasquez says:

    Justin bieber watched this i bet

  20. Muzikman127 says:

    I think the point is to find a voice that is your own, and you are
    comfortable with. Experimenting with different vocal sounds, qualities and
    timbres is great, but coming straight at singing with a voice that’s an
    unnatural mimic of something else is going to limit you. Learning to sing
    in your natural voice allows you to gain full control and understanding of
    your voice- to then do with it whatever you want! Learning to sing in an
    artificial voice restricts you from the beginning

  21. Jahvel Blair says:

    this is teaching me a lot and i’m only eleven!

  22. Melissa Wheeler says:

    This is great. I especially enjoyed the part about not using the “gospel
    mouth”. Also, finding and using your own voice like your speaking voice.
    Thank you!

  23. James Drummer says:

    Wow.. u sound great.. but what I don’t get is when I try too vibrat.. I
    don’t know when..and how long..that is my main problem..


  25. Bobbie Green says:

    … OR the Beyonce clones you don’ havta yeaeaeaeae… Made my Day 😀

  26. SuperAviationWorld says:

    you kinda look like kid cudi

  27. What is that sentence we have to say with you? D: How safe(?) can we see?
    english isn’t my native language and sometimes i can’t catch phrases well..

  28. Simicolon carr says:


  29. Mercedes Jimenez says:

    Awww thx you made me realize that I need to accept my voice 🙂

  30. i dont have a good speak voice, so i have to make my voice a little bit
    deeper that it sounds better. can I not do it ? is it wrong to do that ? i
    mean not everyone has a nice voice like u ….

  31. Matthew Dean says:

    What’s your take on drinking, & singing? I know we don’t inhale beer. Haha
    but. The positive I can think of is that if you just stick to having a
    couple. It’ll make you more relaxed, & ready to blow pplz minds! 😛 :)..:P

  32. Ana Webster says:

    Since singing is a coordinated act, it is difficult to discuss any of the individual technical areas and processes without relating them to the others.

  33. It’s easier to hear pitch issues when you’re not also trying to sing at the same time!

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