Voice Lessons & Tips: Brett Manning – Top 3 Vocal Exercises

Discover all about Voice Lessons & Tips: Brett Manning – Top 3 Vocal Exercises by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lessons & Tips: Brett Manning – Top 3 Vocal Exercises.

Want to learn to sing better? Voice Lessons & Tips: Brett Manning – Top 3 Vocal Exercises – Here is a free video of world famous vocal coach Brett Manning and founder of the Singing Success vocal training method showing you a few simple exercises to help you sing better and more easily. Learn more here:

38 thoughts on “Voice Lessons & Tips: Brett Manning – Top 3 Vocal Exercises

  1. Is this a training of head voice? or falsetto? or neither?

  2. Kyle Doan says:

    this video was from 2008. and I am pretty sure at that time none of online
    vocal coaches that you jammed on your list would have such method on their
    books so pack your shit and get your fact straight before attempting to
    sound smart

  3. Since when did a random’s “pretty sure” equal fact? Fact of the matter is,
    vocal techniques are shared between teachers, if you think Brett came up
    with this himself you are sorely mistaken.

  4. geetergrl46 says:

    I also get the feeling Brett is a gentleman–not too many of those in the
    music business.

  5. Riley Jackson says:

    His mix. His is so light and controlled it’s similar to a head voice most

  6. Keenan Shaw says:

    Great Video Brett, thanks to you my singing has improved dramatically in a
    few weeks. Thanks again.

  7. Garry Henry says:

    Thanks for that. I have trying to explain that same technique to someone
    last night and they didn’t quite get it. I will send them the link to this

  8. carl S.stockdale says:

    this is amazing for more free singing lessons copy paste->bit.ly1fSoFOY

  9. kurt richards says:

    Man american vocal coaches are shit!! Poor singers are mislead. Hold notes
    aaa on C sharp and g sharp everyday for 10 mins each.

  10. What is this man’s problem with this awful vibrato that he always uses and
    makes his students bring in? His voice sounds very thin in contemporary and
    classical music which is why he does not sound good in neither pop or
    classical music. The only thing he can do and teaches is the “connected
    voice”. But where is the true mixing of chest and head voice what makes the
    voice sound chesty but with nice (head voice) resonances? I only hear a
    very narrow, thin mixed voice with a terrible vibrato…

  11. Corey Oilar says:

    Your programs really help me out. Thank you for all your great work!

  12. Jane Smith says:

    Thank you for great video! Also found 99SingingLessons exercises, and they
    help a lot.

  13. Audrey J-P.Music says:

    Those are perfect exercices! thanks a lot!

  14. Luke Jonathan says:

    So I’ve been working with the studio a cappella of Justin Timberlake’s Suit
    & Tie, thinking to myself – wow, this guy sounds like Brett Manning!

  15. laveladelcarajo says:

    Surrender Power for Connection.
    That is something that I try to think about at a human level.
    I believe surrendering whatever we think power is in human relationships
    and getting together is the only thing that will work for us in the end,
    and I started to think everything works that way. The same for learning
    anything: first stop trying to fight the process of adjutsmen, of
    negotiating forces, and just trust your instinct that you are doing what’s
    right and stop judging a work that is in progress and not quite finished
    yet. Don’t let the obsession for “getting it” ruin and force the very
    process that could help you obtain what you want.
    Peolpe who criticize this program I believe don’t see things like that.

  16. Julian Misic says:

    Thanks Brett for your honesty and brilliance….

  17. jose corbo says:

    tank you . amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I’m having trouble finding a video where Brett shows his full range from
    low to high without a break in the middle range. Could you guys please
    direct me to this?

  19. Melonie Zappa says:

    I wanna buy his Singing Success program so bad 

  20. Paola Fresan says:

    Isn’t he the vocal teacher for Paramore? 

  21. Andrew Torres says:

    This is probably the best video from Brett.

  22. Lauren Wood says:

    I love your tips, Brett. i just wish you had recorded this LOUDER. It’s
    very hard to hear.

  23. Steve Albrecht says:

    Putting together the most valuable vids for me from Brett Manning. Have
    been singing Opera for decades and have learned more from this guy in a few
    weeks than with all my teachers together!

  24. Tyler Tallant says:

    Great video, but I can NEVER tell when this man is singing in his high mix
    or in falsetto.

  25. Francois Druro says:

    Why does my throat get glogged on NG when i get to the bridges?

  26. Love these exercises, they took me to my REAL voice. I´ve been singing in a
    somebody else voice for years.

  27. Mateo Nicolas says:

    excelent tips. i have a problem. when i sing inside the church its good but
    when i sing outside my throuth get dry and i cant even sing well. my volume
    its too low. and i feel the note too low.

  28. JTLgrandolecountry says:

    He Rocks. Brett is to voice as voice is to cords.

  29. Dude you have successfully made me fucking cry laughing today lol and thank
    you, this helped me so much.

  30. Andrew Villa says:

    The amount of vibrato in his voice indicates a lack of control.

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