Voice Lessons Online – How to Sing Like Blake Shelton

Discover all about Voice Lessons Online – How to Sing Like Blake Shelton by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lessons Online – How to Sing Like Blake Shelton.


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Country music is all about honestly conveying lyrics that tell it like it is.

In this lesson, Dave Brooks discusses some of the techniques and stylistic elements used by the great Blake Shelton in “Who You Are When I’m Not Looking.”

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13 thoughts on “Voice Lessons Online – How to Sing Like Blake Shelton

  1. i dont wanna sing like none of those singers……you need to do a video on
    how to sing like dave brooks lol i wanna sing like you…

  2. FastFoodJimmy says:

    i wanna learn how to sing like Dave Brooks!

  3. Sam Bedichek says:

    Teach me how to sing like “Jonny Craig” !

  4. I just wanna thank you. When I watched this video, I checked out Blake
    Shelton´s music, since then, I listen to him everyday. Such a great music!
    Thank you for that. Thank you also for your premium video, it was very

  5. FirefighterCrazyDuck6 says:

    i wanna sing like John Michael Montgomery lol

  6. CrimeJail says:

    Dave, my lifelong dream is to be able to sing like BS or any of these deep
    voiced country guys.

  7. Gresford Lewishall says:

    Do you work with female singere

  8. Ronald Brown says:

    watch my video an give me some tips maby give me an idea on what vids of
    yours i need to watch to fix my voice THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  9. Also, you will learn more about music, song preparation and delivery, and singing as a soloist or as part of a team, than you can ever do otherwise.

  10. Alexander Stafford says:

    This is a great way to see if Wirral singing lessons are right for you.

  11. Jared Nolan says:

    As a baby, once we learn the phrases to a song it builds confidence.

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