Voice Lessons: How to sing without strain

Discover all about Voice Lessons: How to sing without strain by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lessons: How to sing without strain.

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40 thoughts on “Voice Lessons: How to sing without strain

  1. Hi Eric, do you do free vocal analyze or even paid? Like is there a way i
    can send you a video or email you a mp3 of me singing and you can tell me
    what i need to improve and what voice range i have? Cause im all the way
    from australia and really want a vocal coach but want someone as
    professional as you to give me advice first.

  2. Wonderful video on some techniques! i was wondering if you could look at my
    audition video for x Factor this year and give me an opinion? I felt like i
    was straining just a little in my first chorus.. i just need some opinions
    before i turn it in. I dont want to turn in something bad! Its called There
    is no Arizona – Cover by Nancy Wilson, Thank you so much for the tips!

  3. Sup Eric, can you look at my video that I posted on my channel and tell me
    what I need to work on? Please feel free to give me any tips.

  4. at first i thought i just naturally had a loud belting voice but then i
    found out that im just screaming as i get higher, is there a way to fix
    this without using pure head voice? my head voice is really really soft.

  5. Hello Eric, I wanted to know if you could do one of these to one of my
    videos of me singing. I’ll probably upload it in a few days, & send it as a
    video response to you. It would mean much to me if you could.

  6. Eric has done a great assessment. I was singing with similar problems and
    actually lost my voice, until I met a very old teacher who used techniques
    from the 1800s to restore my voice. Now it is stronger than ever with great
    tone and a much larger range!

  7. place your index fingers on both sides of your cheeks. then do the lip roll
    ^^ watch Part 2 of Eric’s Vocal lessons. I think it’s called Freeing your
    vocal range 🙂

  8. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m a singer also, and when I heard the Queen of
    Strain, Xtina sing for Hurricane Sandy victims, after she FINALLY got some
    vocal training with Seth Riggs. But I think she’s making Seth look bad,
    because while fans like me were anxious to hear her NEVER HEARD B4 MIX
    voice, all i heard was howling and oversinging as usual. I don’t hear
    Speech Level Singing in her ‘new voice’ AT ALL. What do you think? Is her
    voice salvageable??? Or is her vocal decline inevitable???

  9. Eric, check out my videos and please tell me how to improve.. I love to
    sing but stink at it. Please help, I’m overwhelmed by all the advice.

  10. ugh i am having so much trouble trying to get that head tone down!
    everytime i do my larynx feels like its sorta squeezing, is that not good?

  11. i love to sing, it’s one of my favorite things, but i’m having trouble
    finding my own singing voice. i see a lot of people that do covers of
    songs, and they have their voice, but when i try to sing covers i can’t
    find my own voice for it. idk what to do. can you help?

  12. Hi Eric when practicing should one stick to one song get comfortable then
    move on. I know Wanya from Boyz II Men is vary advanced but I injoy
    following along. Thank you.

  13. hey eric I want you to be my teacher,but I live in france ,what can I do?
    can I send you one song of me,I want you to listen it and tell me where i
    make the most mistake.I SING IN A ROCK BAND.but the last time i pain and
    inflammation in my vocal chords,can you help me?

  14. I’ve always wondered, how do you sing parts of songs that get higher and
    louder at the same time without getting really strained?

  15. I can’t find my voice, idk but I love hip hop and r&b like talent major
    when he sings body partt , or ekco when he sings ready

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