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Discover all about Voice Lessons – Head Voice Exercises – How To Strengthen Head Voice – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lessons – Head Voice Exercises – How To Strengthen Head Voice – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

Voice Lessons – How To Strengthen Head Voice – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy.

I think it’s important to define what Headvoice is.

My definition of Headvoice is not just “Anything that resonates in your head” (which is a common definition).

My definition of Headvoice is growing our falsetto register to sound and have the same qualities as our chest voice, so that when we cross the passaggio (our bridge from chest into headvoice) we can create one long, powerful note.

In this video, I demonstrate how to strengthen this amazing part of the voice to give us incredible range and ease for singing high notes. This lays a strong foundation for creating a great mix voice.

Great Singing To You!

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40 thoughts on “Voice Lessons – Head Voice Exercises – How To Strengthen Head Voice – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

  1. Hey Mr Tamplin I just watch a video by singers secret How to belt if your not a natural belter, it made me laugh and also I wanted to pull my hair out lol there was more talk than actual demonstration.  She doesn’t compare to you  your the best

  2. I am a male and have no problem hitting the high notes but my voice goes all “airy” as I go to the lower notes whilst still in head voice, how do I stop that?

  3. I’m kinda confused as to what is falsetto, head and everything. Isn’t the technique you do on 1:45 whistle register, I’m confused because i can replicate that sound exactly like you did and i can make my voice sound flutey like you said was falsetto, and that being said I’ve absolutely no idea what head voice is. I watched the head voice video and still nothing; such a blockhead >.<

  4. So what is the difference between falsetto and head voice. I have heard people say Philip Bailey of Earth Wind and Fire singing “Reasons” is singing in falsetto, but it does not sound falsetto to me. What you sang in your demo did not sound like Falsetto to me. Frankie Vallie sounds like falsetto to me.

    Do you have a demonstration covering the differences between falsetto and head voice? Is Falsetto legit singing?

    Thank you Ken.

  5. if I’m going to exercise every day, whats te sequence of parts I’m exercising, first head voice then chest or reversed ?

  6. Thank you. My play is in four days and I’m stressed because a recent cough damaged my voice. I’m watching your videos to help my voice recover and to improve on my singing skills. Thank you.

  7. When I try to sing in my head voice register the sound bright but I feel like a little breath and when I go too high, my sound is completely breathy. Can someone help me please?

  8. hey ken, been following you for a while now. i find your instructions really helpful. imagine me following your instructions word to word on a large tv screen. so far i have been watching your random videos. which are awesome. but i want to know the proper sequence. where i should start first. think of me as a beginner. any tips will be greatly appreciated.

  9. These videos really are helping me I want to actually be able to sing the songs I write and these videos have helped me so much thank you

  10. I started doing that just for warm ups and found it made a really huge difference. I do it all the time before starting to sing. Our great dane doesn’t like it , he starts to whine and howl lol, maybe he thinks I am in great pain. I found that it helps to relax the throat and it helps to hit the higher range,with voice control.I am defiantly going to try the way you showed here. Cheers!

  11. Hi, thanks for sharing. just one question, if one wants to do a high note (using head voice) without screaming , in a more intimate way how could it be done applying your technique?

  12. The way you explain the part of not singin loud but with resonance is very good,not Every teacher can do that explaining what they are doing your very clear!thanks

  13. It’s incredible how much this has instantaneously helped me, straight away. Now that I have the basic technique, I can go so much further to improve my voice! Thanks heaps, Ken.

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