Voice Lesson: What is Speech-Level-Singing?

Discover all about Voice Lesson: What is Speech-Level-Singing? by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lesson: What is Speech-Level-Singing?.

Guy Babusek was fortunate enough to have his teacher, master vocal pedagogue and founder of the Speech Level Singing technique, Seth Riggs sit down with him for an extended interview. Here is the first part of that interview.

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20 thoughts on “Voice Lesson: What is Speech-Level-Singing?

  1. thsi is my first video i watched on speech level singing, i had no idea
    what it was, this really helps!

  2. Hey GUY 🙂 I miss you …………. Yana Ted

  3. 1nspirator says:

    Speech-Level-Singing = Enlongated speech. Singing with the ease of speech.

  4. elfhermie says:

    This stuff never makes sense to me. I can never tell if I’m doing it right
    cuz I can manipulate my voice to copycat the sounds I’m hearing but it
    always feels like crap and I just can’t seem to “get” it. It’s sooo
    frustrating not to be able to sing on pitch with breath control and in a
    voice that doesn’t sound like a completely other person since my speaking
    voice is such a limited range before it doesn’t sound like me anymore.

  5. Guy Babusek says:

    @elfhermie I recommend finding a good voice teacher who knows what they are
    doing. It’s almost impossible to do it on your own.

  6. Dan Bridston says:

    Seth continues to speak truth to power. Finally, many so-called “legit”
    teachers, are finding the truth behind Speech Level Singing. Thanks, Guy
    for putting this vial information on youtube.

  7. “I don’t want to go back to puberty” hahaha

  8. butterflybeingborn says:

    when he did hat part where people are surprised after he does wha he does
    to show is not falsetto, from gi o aaaa it still sounded like falseto, i
    know is not, im talking about how it sounds, 

  9. Carlos Cabrera says:

    Its not. Some people have the talent to copycat a sound, and some can´t. It
    doesnt mean those that CANT wont be able to learn with a good vocal
    teacher. Personally I´ve worked the SLS technique for over 3 years now and
    now Im confident singer with an extended range. Maybe, just maybe, the
    method this person has been practicing isnt detailed enough. For me the SLS
    Brett Manning method has changed my life. As I understand, its the same
    method Seth Riggs created but “expanded”.

  10. Guy Babusek says:

    I disagree. Most people cannot teach themselves properly. They think they
    are doing it properly, and as a result practice a technique to the point of
    it being firmly a part of their autonomic habit system. By the time they
    realize that they might need help, the habit is entrenched that it can take
    a long time working with a teacher to fix the problem. Self-study courses
    have their place, but I don’t personally recommend them as a replacement
    for a teacher.

  11. luis ernesto morales cristiano says:

    subtitulos, pleasse !!

  12. Brett Ludwig says:

    It’s a little disturbing to hear how ratched Riggs’ speaking voice sounds,
    but the ease at which he hits the G with that voice speaks for itself.

  13. 한ᄋᄉᄋ says:

    영상 올려주셔 감사합니다

  14. Allison Harmon says:

    Within singing there are four stages of breathing: a breathing-in period (inhalation); a setting up controls period (suspension); a controlled exhalation period (phonation); and a recovery period.

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