Voice Lesson Vlog RB Vocals - Voice Lesson Vlog: R&B Vocals

Voice Lesson Vlog: R&B Vocals

Voice Lesson Vlog: R&B Vocals - Discover all about Voice Lesson Vlog: R&B Vocals by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Voice Lesson Vlog: R&B Vocals and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lesson Vlog: R&B Vocals.

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39 thoughts on “Voice Lesson Vlog: R&B Vocals”

  1. these kids have some balls for their ages. I think back to being a preteen
    and there is no way in hell i would’ve sang in front of other people. 

  2. Inspired I just checked out your video im an r&b singer song writer I’d be
    honored if you’d check out some of the songs I wrote on my page.

  3. Hi Eric! I really enjoy ur vids and mus they’ve been really helpful. I
    wanted to know if u could do a video tutorial on how to layer harmonies
    like what Pharrell did on the song “Frontin” which to me is reminiscent of
    MJ’s “Remember the Time” BGVs. If poss please please please can you do a
    vid for this? It would be just for the chorus. Thanks a lot – Yashlinn

  4. Felt this in my heart. I am such a perfectionist that I forget to just let
    go; it’s a fear of being judged. Thanks for this wonderful reminder.

  5. This dude has the best voice around. So much range and versatility. And he
    is a great teacher. I would love to do one on one lessons with him.

  6. Well im not sure I can pull it off singing about a girl, at least career
    wise heck no, But I Do believe this talk of emotion can even be picked up
    on lgbt artists like eli lieb, Amanda lepore, and even rupaul had to sit
    down and get that excitement together so in other words emotion is
    definitely in my opinion the soul in musc and is completely universal! I
    cannot wait to become a strong LGBT ARTIST!! and thankfully with a lot of
    emotion to offer!! #adoredelano emotion!

  7. Lol….”I hate you.” quietly with that look seemed pretty legit!! xD
    You should go out for some acting. o.o”

  8. great vids man…I’m taking notes….hey you kind of favor and even kind of
    sound like Jamal Lyon ( Jussie Smollet ) from the show Empire lol…great
    voice tol

  9. Very helpful!! Eric, can you direct me to the video that will help me most
    with this issue? .. When I record myself singing, it sounds like I’m
    speaking a sentence with a slight “song vibe.” It doesn’t sound melodious.
    I have a hard time sounding melodious and tying in my words and sounds..
    How do I do that?

  10. I like your classes excellent this kind of tutorials you for sharing your
    knowledge a very special greeting from Colombia

  11. As a information, while you start singing it’s best to start by understanding the human anatomy in relation to the singing voice, study correct respiration strategies and exercises using your diaphragm and the right production of the vowel sounds.

  12. For some people, a combination of just getting out there and singing combined with closely watching others and doing some online lessons is enough to really improve themselves.

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