Voice Lesson: Sing On The Body! – Part 3

Discover all about Voice Lesson: Sing On The Body! – Part 3 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lesson: Sing On The Body! – Part 3.

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41 thoughts on “Voice Lesson: Sing On The Body! – Part 3

  1.   +EricArceneaux 
    How many things am I doing wrong here: 
    I do apologize for the background down
    I am trying to learn to sing from the body right now :/

  2. Steven Velasquez says:

    Hey Eric 🙂 how many times a day should i practice Sing From the Diaphram? Would three times a day be too much or would it be super beneficial to mastering singing. Ex. Morning – 5 o’clock, Afternoon – 3 o’clock, and Night – 8 o’clock.

  3. Paolo Joseph Lising says:

    Hi Eric, Whats your take on SLS?

  4. Aswan Baba says:

    Hello. Nice video. I want to improve my vocal..what is d first step…bro. I hope u can teach me.

  5. Thank you Eric .. you are always great

  6. Jean-Sébastien Gagné says:

    Is the course really only 40$ until the end of February 2015 ? On your website, the price is currently 99$ ?

  7. amoureux de Dieu , la vie , et la musique says:

    Hi, I just started watching your videos a few weeks ago and I remember there was a video where you did a vocal evaluation on some guy. Can I do that? I mean could you do that for me too?

  8. Stephen A. Smith says:

    Loving the Dough Boy look lol

  9. Freya Casey says:

    Thank you, Eric, for your video. I’ve been teaching my students the same thing, since it’s very true that the support and expansion is all around the lungs, not just in the abdominal muscles. Finally who teaches this right. Great videos!!! 

  10. EssenceofaRenee' EOARE' says:

    Are you still doing the monday and Wednesday classes in laurel!? I REALLY need you!!

  11. Gitarrendave8 says:

    Hallo Eric,
    I missed your 40$ offer and now I would like to know, if you can tell when there will be something similar. I’m already using your “Professional Vocal Warm Up” and it is helping me alot, but I would like to try your elite package. I know 108€ (here in Germany) is not that much but if I could save some money, I’d really appreciate that.
    But if there won’t be a similar offer any time soon, I’ll buy it anyway^^

  12. CimFam Luver says:

    I’m 12 years old my dream is to become a singer and actress you really helped me improve my singing with those videos id love to meet you one day and have lessons keep making videos please you really helped me thank you very mush

  13. Jesse Davila says:

    So I am a super beginner at learning to sing my voice isn’t great, it’s not horrible like OMG shit up I’m average I guess and I want to know what I can do daily to learn to sing or get better at it, like what exercises should I do every single day, also I tend to sing a little flat any tips on how to get rid of that or improve it?? Thanks.

  14. Hi Eric!!, I would like to learn how to sing, I’ve never tried a singing lesson, Do you think I could learn? I would like to take class with you, greetings from Mexico

  15. Axel D. Rodriguez says:

    Hey Eric could you do a video on how to increase head voice range please? Thank you!

  16. Victoria Owolabi says:

    I’ve been trying to get private vocal lessons but it won’t let me email you for the lessons. Can you tell me what I am doing wrong? Pls and thank you:)

  17. Carley jackson says:

    Thank you so much I been watching your videos and they help I love them you help me so much

  18. Wyn Duffy says:

    Hey Eric, I think your one of the best teachers on youtube, you have a really good way at getting your thoughts across.  I’m a bass baritone to, and I have a classical audition to get into university next week.  I have a tendency to get dark when I sing opera/classical music.  Do you have any tips brighten the tone while still keep that rich bass/baritone essence?  Hope you get back to me.  

  19. shanthemusickid says:

    I’m trying to learn how to clear my throat and I honestly love your videos. Thank you so much!

  20. Cy Panget says:

    The vocal lessons are really helpful. I had voice lessons when I was 10 but they sid not teach any of these techniques that could’ve helped me be more comfortable in singing. Thank you. 🙂

  21. Simon Foged says:

    Hey Eric. I’m a 17 year old boy who always appreciated playing sports.. I always enjoyed to listen to music, but when i try to sing, i sound terrible. For the first time in my life, i found it enjoyable to sing, for a couple of weeks ago. I would love to sing so people are quiet, listens and actually think it sounds great. . I researched a lot about it being possible to make my voice so much better, that i would actually be capable of reaching my goals… Any help?

  22. noodlesoup94 says:

    Hi Eric, when is Phase 2 being released?

  23. Taylah Music NZ says:

    Wow. Thank u Eric 🙂 I find your videos so helpful. I have a question: when I sing for more than an hour, my gag reflex sometimes starts to kick in. Do you know why that would be? Am I doing something wrong? Am I straining too much? Thank u so much. You’re great! 🙂

  24. Kevin Avila says:

    @EricArceneux is there a right way to use your falsetto?

  25. can you post a video on how to sing bachata ? (Prince royce music. ) specifically the way he sings i would really like for you to teach me how to do it. (Hint its for a little someone of mine 😊)
    I cant buy your program because i don’t have money till i get my first job so can you please ? I really would appreciate it 😃

  26. is it possible or capable of singing exactly like a celebrity?

  27. Huey Freeman says:

    Question for those who bought phase 1
    How long do you practice each module a day like how many minutes a day?
    And also how many days out the week like do you do 5 days a week, or 7 days a week. What is the minimum for long you practice each module and how many days out the week you do it for keep in my mind I want the minimum time

  28. Joel Kish says:

    Hey Eric! You’re awesome man, I’ve been watching and using your techniques from your videos (for about two or three years or so) and there has been a question I’ve been pondering about and that is: can enunciating words while you sing improve vocal tone? Please respond I would love to hear from you man. Thanks very much.

  29. Sweet Latin Flavor says:

    #EricArceneaux Your story motives me a lot!

  30. Axel D. Rodriguez says:

    Eric could you please make a video on how to expand your head voice range

  31. Suzan Dogan says:

    Hi Eric. I used to sing when I was 14. Got no support at all. Self conscious about my voice but I practiced often back then and then gave up on singing. (I used to watch your videos back then) Now im 20 and I want to start again but don’t know what to say and I have anxiety about all this. :/

  32. Eric, please read this:
    Im 11 years old. Im from serbia and i thing im bad singer but i like singing. So i read on internet somthing and thats looks hard. I read something about breathing rules od something like that. Can you help me bicouse im child so did i have to do something different?

  33. Pensando Estrangeiro says:

    Thanks for the tips you’ve given us through youtube… 🙂

  34. Taylor Taytay says:

    Every time I sing I yawn why is that

  35. Meriam Bolibol says:

    ive been doing this for just less than an hour and it helps me a lot, the result was amazing thank you so much for this video and i have no trouble of doing my previous singing i used to be. thank you again…

  36. lord matias says:

    Awesome vocal coach! Your techniques really work! Love it! Im an aspiring singer as well, singing now makes it alot easier becUse of your videos. Thank you so much

  37. Ina Kappa says:

    I like your lessons,you revealed that I can sing really good….Because I always thought that I have just a loud gypsy voice,So I will training!)

  38. Wanderson Moreira says:

    Omg ! You’re the best teacher ever, I’m from Brazil , and my dream is a day sings good, you’re helping me a lot with your tips ‘ Thanks a lot , you so cute:)

  39. Aliyah Boyle says:

    These steps start from scratch and build up your singing capacity in a logical manner in direction of singing actual songs reliably in tune.

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