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43 thoughts on “VOICE LESSON! (PENTATONIX)

  1. Aneesha Amin says:

    I felt terribly bad when Miranda was being rude Kirstie. Like why?!?!

  2. shakira salinas says:

    I laughed so much at this video😂😂

  3. ᗩᗰY ᗯᗩᖇᔕᗩᗯ says:

    Do you English? Lol

  4. Ella River says:

    XD she’s flirting with the gay guys XD

  5. Paige Brown says:

    her Miranda voice is really faded in this but then again this video is old

  6. Ma4sk JiG says:

    they sounded like glee when they sang before miranda stopped then “since
    youve been gone”

  7. Red Navarro says:

    Whos watching in 2016? she still sounds like colleen

  8. Jasmin Gantzhorn says:

    that’s the definition of caos…😂

  9. i really must sneeze but i cant says:

    Miranda sounds like colleen at the start of the video

  10. hillkiwon3000 says:

    how have i never seen this!!😭😂😆

  11. Joshua Mallows says:

    Oh my your so jealous of kirstie is it because shes pretty and nice not
    like you a big lipped lady

  12. Kajal mahadeo says:

    You’re a LOSER Miranda, stop being a little bitch to people. You’re ugly,
    you have NO talent, you’re not funny, you’re not entertaining in ANY way
    and from the second I saw the way you tried soooooo hard to belittle
    Kirstie and Kevin I thought to myself this is why i dont watch these kiddie
    shows. That attitude was beyond disgusting and not even an approach to how
    children watching should act either. This is why you’re still making these
    lame videos and they are now superstars. She was so respectful regardless
    of her actual talent and knowing that you have absolutely none. You need to
    grow the fuck up, you’re not 5 years old. It’s just not cute, nor is it

  13. CIMISBAE 13 says:

    2012 Miranda and 2016 Miranda sound so different

  14. hudaina manaal says:

    Why was Miranda being so rude go the girl

  15. Katherine Sha says:

    omg i feel so sad for kirstie…

  16. Katherine Sha says:


  17. Francia AlvarezArroyo says:

    That was rude maranda sing gust cube ring her

  18. Moira'sLife says:

    I am so early!! watching in 2016 hahahah

  19. Cheyenne Smith (CuteGirl1303) says:

    Awwwww Avi rubbed Kirstie’s back after Miranda told her off at 2:55. I ship
    them, but Kirstie is engaged. :(

  20. Grace Cantrell says:

    she asked the kevin “do you speak English?” lol

  21. Gabby Gottschalk says:

    ily Miranda 😂😂😂😂

  22. Axel Pavon says:

    does the ugly ass bitch Miranda hates Kristtie?

  23. Yant Chesney says:

    Omg!! I’m dying!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  24. I always want contact with the feet of those that sang spiritual songs concerning the beloved character of God and continue to play its vibration in his easy thoughts.

  25. Preston Cunningham says:

    I am working on my singing because I want to have a singing career.

  26. Autumn Murillo says:

    I’ve at all times beloved singing, however I never had the boldness to sing in entrance of different people.

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