Voice Lesson Online – Recognizing Your Transition From Chest Voice into Mix and Head Voice

Discover all about Voice Lesson Online – Recognizing Your Transition From Chest Voice into Mix and Head Voice by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lesson Online – Recognizing Your Transition From Chest Voice into Mix and Head Voice.

The Virtual Vocal Teacher gives one of the best voice lesson online experiences that you wont ever forget!

How clearly can you recognize when you’re transitioning between your chest voice and your mix? In this video, Nashville singing coach Dave Brooks guides you to the recognition of exactly where your vocal transition point is so you can apply the appropriate technique.

18 thoughts on “Voice Lesson Online – Recognizing Your Transition From Chest Voice into Mix and Head Voice

  1. Memeth Astrodog says:

    Thanks for the tips, man. You´ve been a shitload of help ;O)


    Another extremely well explained video for beginners or pros. Thanks Dave.

  3. speculate says:

    Thank you so much. You get right to the core of what us singers REALLY want to know!

  4. kevinmattw says:

    So awesome. Your video tips always seem to coincide with the same vocal issues that I’m having. Being aware of where the transition is is critical to maintaining a smooth and balanced vocal throughout the range!

  5. daifu kyoru says:

    thanks you so much for your video’s , i live in a country where there are no vocal trainers .this helped a lot thank you thank you very much 🙂

  6. sam cuschieri says:

    Dear Dave, i have your video on style from the singing success from the singing success days. I think the advise is awesome however can you kindly post a video on how to maintain pitches using breathy tones?

  7. thevocalteacher says:

    Yes sir! The release will be shakey at first. Just allow for the changes in your voice to occur. Don’t try and fight it. Everything will fall into place, I promise! Be accepting of the release, no matter what your falsetto sounds like. You’ll get there!

  8. 5UNNYR4Y3 says:

    “If you transition too late, you’re going to splat” Yup, that’s me XD I’ve been trying to find a way to know when I’m supposed to transition. Thank you so much!

  9. Robert Leeha says:

    Hi, my voice hasn’t fully changed yet and I was wondering if it’s possible to go into the mixed voice? I know i can do falsetto, but I haven’t quite figured out how mix the falsetto and chest (I’ve been belting the high notes). Also do you think Adam Levine (Maroon 5) sings with mix voice?

  10. Johns Kottam says:

    I’m 15 and it’s impossible for me to get into falsetto. All you can hear is silence. I used to be able to sing in falsetto as a kid, but would it be possible sing in falsetto after my voice breaks??

  11. P.U.L.S.E says:

    I want to sing like bruno mars but i cant . The falsetto with power

  12. lotsofchannels123 says:

    but i still dont know how to mix my head and chest voice

  13. TrickOr TreatShitHead says:

    when he said ” hey everybody!” i shouted out ” Hi Dr.Nick!!” lol i’m still a Simpsons fan

  14. MRJUGGERNAUT says:

    i prefer singing in modal..but its stressing lol..need falsetto for that harmony of both worlds

  15. João Silva says:

    Dave, I must say I’ve watched a lot of videos from the people you used to work with. You did great by making it on your on, your videos are so clarifying with such simplicity. Thank you brother!

    As soon  as possible I’ll be scheduling a skype lesson with you,

    Hugs, from Brazil

  16. Interpret anything your baby does during the song as communicative.

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