Voice Lesson – How to thin the vocal cords – Jeffrey Alani Stanfill – Episode #8

Discover all about Voice Lesson – How to thin the vocal cords – Jeffrey Alani Stanfill – Episode #8 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lesson – How to thin the vocal cords – Jeffrey Alani Stanfill – Episode #8.

Hey guys. Welcome to episode #8. This is a tutorial designed to teach you how to thin your vocal cords, and to get them functioning at their optimum best. The two exercises I show you in the video are easy to incorporate into your everyday practice routine. I use these exercises everyday and have found that they keep my voice feeling pliable, lean and vibrant.

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25 thoughts on “Voice Lesson – How to thin the vocal cords – Jeffrey Alani Stanfill – Episode #8

  1. lorenzo scontrino says:

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for the precious exercises you have given us in this video.
    A thing I am struggling with is increasing the volume of the voice without yelling and losing the assessment of the vocal cords. I think this is a common problem for uneducated singers like me.


    This was great Jeff.  Just subscribed, working singer. I buzz to the point where the ears tickle. Is that too much?

  3. Victoria Hunter says:

    this is hughe problem for me. My voice is also weak sounding in the higher range as well. It is very light sounding with hardly any edge to it, like mix to it.

  4. Victoria Hunter says:

    Do you teach private lessons on skype and how much?

  5. your just great……..I m suffering from excessive air flow when I sing…. and also I always get the itching and irritating feeling when I sing . after doing this exercise I m feeling that this was the real problem my vocal folds were not on the thinner side. now there is no itching and the sound is also very crisp.  subscribed

  6. Lolla Ola says:

    Thanks so much Jeffrey, this has massively helped my voice!

  7. it was very helpful. thank you very much

  8. Rosannasfriend says:

    Thanks. Many tell us to thin the cords, without telling us how to. Subbed.

  9. ShitamonToast Crunch says:

    You have such great lessons! I was Wondering if you have any advice for female singers with contralto voice type? Thank you so much for your help

  10. How long will it take to thin the vocal cords? And is it permanent?

  11. Also will this make my singing have sort of a cutesy sound to it? Like kind of make my voice sound higher pitched?

  12. Anthony Mc Nicol says:

    Hey Jeff, my name is Anthony and I’m from a Caribbean island called Trinidad. One Question will these exercises help me to sing Legato? And kind you please do a video on Legato

  13. Jeff Alani Stanfill says:

    Anthony, this exercise will definitely help you sing legato more easily because the more lean and pliable the vocal cords are, the easier it is to glide from one note to another smoothly in an unbroken sound! Hope this answered your question! Thanks so much, Jeff

  14. Faraaz Waajid says:

    Jeff my name is faraaz and my voice is very very deep and harsh so what to do for this problem???

  15. Faraaz Waajid says:

    and Jeff my voice is cracking so what to do!??

  16. craigjeffries says:

    I came across your channel about a month back, and I love your videos. They are so helpful. Thank you!

  17. IdentMusic says:

    Hey Jeff, thank you so much for posting these videos and exercises; they’ve proven incredibly helpful and allowed me to regain a good part of my range that, due to being out of practice for so long, I thought I’d pretty much lost! I did these exercises before recording my most recent vocal cover due to the way I intended to sing it – much more lightly than my usual belting – and I couldn’t believe the flexibility and control I had. Your videos are fantastic and your style of teaching is excellent, so thank you once again for all your help and best of luck with everything 🙂

  18. I love your channel, Jeff, thank you very much for all the great advice!

  19. Christopher U'ren says:

    So your throat should still be relaxed and open when doing this, right?

  20. Noor Muhammad says:

    hello I want my voice to be thinner as it is very laud and heavy

  21. hi!!! wonderful trick 😉 did you make some video for vocal chord closing exercise? thank you =)

  22. Priyanshu Joshi says:

    sir by doing these exercise my voicee will become faminant ??? i have been suffering since a lot of time by this problem.

  23. Sippy Cup Crybaby says:

    Will this take away my deep full low notes because that what makes me a bass singer and stand out from othrs

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