Voice Lesson: How to sing Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” (Belt Mix)

Discover all about Voice Lesson: How to sing Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” (Belt Mix) by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lesson: How to sing Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” (Belt Mix).

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41 thoughts on “Voice Lesson: How to sing Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” (Belt Mix)

  1. Rob Domos says:

    I would literally sacrifice half of my income to sound like Kellin Quinn.

  2. Clint Hennesy says:

    I scream out higher notes if I want to use my chest voice with it.. πŸ™ Cuz
    I can’t reach the higher notes unless I would use complete head voice
    (something like falsetto or something?) πŸ™

  3. iLoveAbdulKarim says:

    Yes… Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston πŸ˜€

  4. TheImdaillest89 says:

    Love all your vocal training videos just started but hope my voice can get
    better to start posting some videos your great thanks πŸ™‚

  5. Roy PiΓ±on says:

    the abs compresses right? just like in laughing? or am A doing it wrong?

  6. LTDanno360 says:

    You shouldnt Feel scratching in the Throat…

  7. Terron Savagez says:

    can you do an tutorial for “Vision Of Love” By Mariah carey. i would love
    to sing it to my Grandmother please πŸ™‚ im 16 and in chrous, please Help !

  8. pianogirl0299 says:

    Good video. Can you do a tutorial for just a dream by carrie underwood or
    undo it by carrie underwood? Thanks.

  9. David Melbourne says:

    it depends on the type of music . but yes many black artists have
    incredible voices.

  10. Taylor Chiles says:

    Hi I love your vids Can you check out my vid I want to be a billionare and
    let me know what you think Thanks sooooooooo much

  11. SyotosGod says:

    well you definitely don’t look like one. DAYUM WOMAN YOU ARE

  12. Poetiksound85 says:

    stop it we have to work just like anyone else .. muscle come to those who
    work for it .. stop making it lok like we have everything cause it really
    is tough for us beyond many others

  13. hannachocolate says:

    He’s half black and half asian.

  14. Ethan Kang says:

    hahahahaha I sound like a SEAL!!!!

  15. Jonathan Cruz says:

    He’s actually half Puerto Rican and half Filipino, and his real name is
    Peter Hernandez

  16. NielJohn Ledesma says:

    do me a favor. make one for when i was your man.

  17. Atheer Musa says:

    puerto rican , southern american, latino

  18. he’s talking about the people in the video

  19. David William Forbes says:

    Yo! Thanks for the singing tips, guys…tried singing when I was your man
    after doing the exercises you mentioned. I couldnt sing it before without
    straining my throat or without great difficulty…now, I managed to get
    through the song a lot easier…there was still a little tension in my
    throat, but I think its because the muscles arent warmed up properly…on
    the whole, your vid made a massive difference, so thanks again!!!

  20. HAWAIINxCOBRA says:

    Same thing with when i was your man?

  21. BlueLiliums says:

    Bruno Mars is mixed race – his mother is Filipino, his father is Puerto
    Rican. Puerto Ricans are often mixed race and Bruno Mars has kinky hair
    (that he straightens). So yes, he does have black ancestry.

  22. Josephine McKenzie says:

    Please do a Frank Ocean one x

  23. Rachel Heng says:

    While I’m not able to get the sing the freely no matter how many times I
    sang the same song? After the “cat” practice yes I got it, but when I sing
    the song again I can’t get it, it is like the singing quality is not
    consistent, sometimes I still have the tension on my throat. How can I fix

  24. marinecarrot101 says:

    That ending made me cry cause I can’t do that….too beautiful :’)

  25. Marco Siege says:

    He’s Half Puerto Rican and Half Filipino. πŸ™‚

  26. Singing seems to come naturally to so many of us whether in the bath or at birthday parties, you don’t have to have dreams of Wembley to know what a joy singing is.

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