Voice Lesson: Falsetto & Head Voice

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41 thoughts on “Voice Lesson: Falsetto & Head Voice

  1. Claudia Pascoal says:

    Hi @EricArceneaux can u help me with singing coz I want to become a singer
    and can’t afford to buy the books and stuff please let me know and I am
    from South Africa

  2. Alice McFee says:

    I want that T-shirt. “Get witchy on it” lol
    A lot of Australians seem to use that witchy voice when talking. I
    especially hear it in rural areas. I never had a name for it till now.

  3. you’r hilarious. lol. thanks for the videos!

  4. Elizabeth Snyder says:

    how do you know you have you head vocie

  5. “he he he he he he he” – now I sound like a mad person at 2AM xD thanks

  6. soundseeker63 says:

    Finally I GET IT! Those trilling excecises really made a difference.

  7. thank you! you solved my exhaling problem

  8. Mauro Lourido says:

    excelente quiero cantar como tu

  9. Brendan Simoni says:

    I want to be able to have a lesson with you over Skype, because I guarantee
    that I do not live near where you teach, but my mom does not know I sing
    and I can not do things on my own quite yet because I am only 16. What do I

  10. Robert Goldhirsch says:

    This video is awesome Eric! As are all of yours :)

  11. Ty Haddle says:

    your head voice at times almost sounds like some sort of effortless full
    mixed voice, like at 0:16 – 0:22 . is it because you’re a deeper voice-type
    ? it seems a lot of baritones have full-sounding head voices that blend
    really well with their chest and mixed voice. i’m a lyric tenor and it
    sounds awfully hollow or feminine even when I put power or ”witch
    quality” to it, you can tell it’s not my full voice there’s a clear change
    in quality in between the two. It sounds like i’m impersonating a female
    soprano and then going back to my full, male voice. but if I start low in
    my range in chest voice and mix I can stretch all the way up to a G5. but
    it sounds nothing like this it’s not light or flexible it’s ear-piercingly
    loud and a full-blown chest-sounding belt. any truth to my theory or am I
    just doing this wrong ?

  12. Kelcey Smith says:

    That’s a GREAT version of bless the child!

  13. Perf Estrada says:

    What is that song did he sung.

  14. Perf Estrada says:

    Dude he sounds like Mariah C

  15. Ronald Shepherd says:

    best vocal teacher I have seen so far. thanks so much

  16. Wloguj się do życia says:

    Hello. While singing in headvoice I feel like Im chocking… Do you have a

  17. arnold dimailig says:

    What is the voice of air supply

  18. Aldo Saavedra says:

    I need help with the transition from my chest to head and my head voice
    sounds good but there is a back ground of an airy sound and I hate the airy

  19. Aldo Saavedra says:

    Also sometimes my head voice breaks and the whole sounds falls apart and
    becomes weak 😭 how do I control that

  20. Carlos Wright says:

    I need help knowing if I have a voice please get back to me when you have
    time a big fan of yours

  21. CHURLHI LYI says:

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!

  22. Trina Biscoe says:

    Dang you can sing. I can song bit nothing compared to you. I will keep

  23. Trina Biscoe says:

    I like your humor in your style of teaching voice lessons.

  24. Keshia Robinson says:

    thanks for posting, love your voice!

  25. ImpulsusAlga says:

    AAYYY my boy! I’m an immigrant from NOLA too. Thanks for the tutorials man,
    I love your style.

  26. Brian yatoriz says:

    This guy must be getting laid

  27. Blissful Kiss says:

    yes I will be using this for our group

  28. Richard Hassinger says:

    WOW! Big difference! I was singing along to this, and I have recently been
    having problems with sounding way too breathy until I was fully warmed up
    (as much as possible, anyway), when something would just click and the body
    would come into the sound, giving it that “core” you kept referring to. I
    didn’t know what was happening…Just that I had to really get super warmed
    up to sound full. That “witch voice” section and the line from the bonus
    tip that was saying that there is “an in-between” really fixed it.
    Ironically, the bit about the vocal folds touching that you were trying to
    skip over for clarity’s sake was what lead me to the solution. Thank you!

  29. Shir “Arnevet” Alony says:

    the best example of a twangy high vocal must go to Axl Rose in “don’t cry”

  30. The Raptor says:

    please upload your god bless child:)

  31. Oscar Gross says:

    The reality is that our voice is never the identical each time we sing.

  32. Camila Ritter says:

    Your expressions of emotion play the other crucial role in your voice training.

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