Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: Mastering Vibrato

Discover all about Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: Mastering Vibrato by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: Mastering Vibrato.

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here are some tips on how to use vibrato when you sing.

42 thoughts on “Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: Mastering Vibrato

  1. Maria Bess says:

    I really enjoyed this video it was a great way to help me : )

  2. cherryblossoms95 says:

    OMG, as soon as I clicked on this video, I was like “woah, her talking
    voice is so calming” lol. I love your voice!

  3. Swervee CruzLopez says:

    That Clickin’ Is ANNOYING !

  4. Erik johnson says:

    Great tips.I want to thank you very much I think this video is going to
    help me out alot.I’m adding these techniques into my practice regiment 🙂

  5. Erik johnson says:

    Oh ya by the way how exactly do you sing as though your tongue is heavy ?

  6. Talaysia Powell says:

    Holy cow it works thank you. I see people shake their heads like bobble
    heads to make vibrato its…entertaining

  7. Nightcore World says:

    THANK YOU,YOU ARE AN ANGEL! I didn’t pay nothing,and still i have learned
    everything you show to us! God bless you,my dear! 🙂

  8. Nightcore World says:

    I loved you tongue trick…thank you ! Just,i have something to explain to
    people who don’t really know much about singing,and you’r video Dileesa.If
    you want your vibrato,you just need to stuck your tongue in one place.You
    will feel pressure in your tongue,so you will be able to sing vibrato
    free,and with more power.Also,if there are those high notes,you just take
    down you body,like Dileesa did,and you will have GOOD high note,plus
    vibrato.Hand trick is just to show you how it works. Cheers!

  9. Nightcore World says:

    Yes,you push it.You will probably feel some pressure 🙂 Cheers!

  10. TheBsuchar says:

    sometimes I hate my natural vibrato..then sometimes I love it 😛

  11. Flavia Pérez says:

    excelent ideas, thank you so much!

  12. larry Lewis says:

    Thought dileesa was Kelly Roland for a minute lol

  13. jamie dehart says:

    Yes, the Catholic Church is still an evil empire controlled by a former
    nazi–but at least they are only subjugating the poor and molesting
    children. It beats their old hobbies of genocide, slavery

  14. jamie dehart says:

    Yes, the Catholic Church is still an evil empire controlled by a former
    nazi–but at least they are only subjugating the poor and molesting
    children. It beats their old hobbies of genocide, slavery

  15. matt203jam says:

    What do you mean by sing as if your tongue is heavy? 

  16. Yuliya Nedyalkova says:

    Dear Dileesa,
    thank you so much! I really enjoyed your videos and your beautiful voice!
    also your explanations are very clear.

    my question is the following: i’m an opera singer and i would like to start
    singing jazz, blues and gospel genres. please advise me what should i
    change in my technique so that it would sound not like opera anymore but i
    would produce the correct sound for these genres.
    thank you thank you thank you so much! !
    And again i love your voice and your singing! 

  17. nataliemarkham says:

    AWESOME U are so Blessed what an Amazing voice….

  18. Aaire Couture says:

    i soooooooo wish you were my vocal coach….

  19. Okay cool. I can hear my natural vibrato but how can i incorporate that
    into my singing?

  20. Taty Beatz says:

    Nice tips .By the way your lips look great.x

  21. allan quanico says:

    I l..o…v…e it. Thanks for the tips. 

  22. Bruce Crawford says:

    Damnnn you can sing I wanna meet you in person and learn how to sing

  23. NDionneG005 says:

    I hate that there is always some stupid strange technique to sing but it
    strangely always works! Thanks

  24. 조혜우 says:

    Thank you so much! Very practical tips!

  25. Quick Singing Tips says:

    I can tell you really know what you are talking about here! I have never
    seen so many techniques put together in one relatively short video
    before. They were all helpful and I will keep this knowledge for the
    future. Beautiful voice by the way.

    I have never heard of the “falling into the wall” technique before but it
    sure does work. I have never really thought of vibrato much until i
    started seeing it more when I was researching singing techniques and

    A lot of singers use it now when I think about it. Thank you again for
    making a wonderful and informative video. Keep working hard we all
    appreciate it!

  26. So why do some people have two different Vibrato?

  27. TheRebeccaMills1 says:

    Do you have any tips on how I can hold my notes/breath longer. I timed
    myself and only got to about 4 seconds before the vibrato kicked in and
    about 6 seconds until i ran out of air completely :/

  28. Kyuri Shire says:

    The running out of breath thing REALLY HELPED! It lets you experience it,
    so you KNOW WHAT TO LOOK FOR! Oh my God! Great teaching!

  29. purlple17 says:

    This really worked! Not to be a nerd, but why does this work and how can
    these techniques be used on stage?

  30. 🙂 If we were studying together, you would soon learn that what has been told to you in the past is just wrong!

  31. I’ve enjoyed teaching you how to sing Hello by Adele, and I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to sing Adele Hello.

  32. Lucas Hubbard says:

    In addition, you need to all the time take a moment to chill out your body earlier than singing.

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