Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: How to Sing with Raspy Voice

Discover all about Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: How to Sing with Raspy Voice by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: How to Sing with Raspy Voice.

This video discusses how to sing with a raspy voice.

I would be remiss if i didn’t say it is NOT the healthiest way to sing.

People with raspy voices generally have light to nonexistent head voices, and are great at chest voice singing, but don’t have the widest range.

Nonetheless, it is a cool effect, so here it is!

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43 thoughts on “Voice Lesson and Singing Tips: How to Sing with Raspy Voice

  1. James Byron says:

    You should check out Janis Joplin, she was a natural husky singer with an
    incredible range, she wasn’t a ‘screamer’ she could use her head voice too
    to great effect, check out ‘cry baby’ and ‘Summertime’ there you will see
    how versatile she was. she didn’t JUST do malisma’s either…

  2. AwkwardHipstaSistas says:


  3. yur an amazing singer , you need to be big

  4. Can you make a video on how to growl like hayley reinhart? Thankyou

  5. I'mNotWeirdI'mCreative says:

    Can you say how to make your voice sound rough, scratchy and textured like
    Juliet Simms?

  6. colette chapman says:

    how to help a 9 year old singer that was born with a raspy voice but has
    vocal chord nodules

  7. Steven Armando says:

    My friend has a raspy voice and I wonder if she sings good lol

  8. Grace Lorenzo says:

    hi,i have the same problem as ur daughter.since i was young i love to sing
    and been a singer in our school.the doctor says i need to have an
    operation,coz when she’s getting older her voice will be more raspy or husky

  9. Dr. Abby Burke says:

    I was wondering, where did you study voice and with whom have you studied?
    Thank you, Dr. Abby Burke

  10. Dileesa Hunter says:

    hey! its actually a mash up since i switched schools a couple of times. I
    studied with Michele Hemmings in Miami at FIU, Dr Thomas Cavendish at
    Broward College in Fort lauderdale and ultimately with Jana Young at
    Kennesaw State .

  11. Dr. Abby Burke says:

    Thank you for getting back to me. Have a blessed week. Dr. Abby Burke

  12. PrettyFaceToddy says:

    I still have a really good voice it went raspy but still sounds good
    something goes back to normal I quit tobbacco I can I get it back

  13. Jasmine James says:

    I’ve been often told that I sing like Taylor momsen and pink

  14. Taylor Shipp says:

    This is not rasp. This is vibrato.´╗┐

  15. Chloe's Duct tape! says:

    Stupid… That isnt vibrato it comes naturally to her shes teaching you to
    have a rasp… Vibrato is when you push and the end of a note and is comes
    out shaky´╗┐

  16. John Allen Cris T. Delos Reyes says:

    Can you teach me how to sing and practice vocal riffs like you did there?´╗┐

  17. Dipendra Rai says:

    Nice very nice but it also scared me when you did loud or high notes! :p´╗┐

  18. Janmarko Ponts says:

    How to sing with vibrato? ­čÖé hope you’ll answer. Godbless you. ´╗┐

  19. Janmarko Ponts says:

    Does raspiness has to do with da vocal fry. Coz they sound same. Just
    wondering. ´╗┐

  20. Anna Angeles says:

    How about the raspiness of Christina Aguilera?´╗┐

  21. dem dik suking lips bby suk it bby oooo h ye ye yeye bby´╗┐

  22. Sabrina Taplin says:

    there goes my headphones 1:05´╗┐

  23. Quick Singing Tips says:

    Good Job! I have also noticed that in the morning and late at night that
    my voice can get that rapsy sound and reach much lower notes easily at
    these times.

    Thanks for giving a few exercises that people can us to obtain the rapsy
    sound. Since this seems to be popular request.

    Once again I learned a quite bit and will add this to my collection of
    knowledge on this subject.

    Did you make up the song in the middle there about singing a brighter day
    or did you get that from somewhere? I am curious. Keep it up!

    Best, Marvin´╗┐

  24. I was thinking maybe Pink? SHES AMAZING THOUGH HAHA´╗┐

  25. Miguel Edler says:

    i wanna sing like michael jackson sings “they dont really care about us”,
    or when he shouts “we talking danger”(lyrics) in stranger in moscow music,
    he rip’s his voice and i love it, it transmits power.. i really wanna learn
    how to sing like that, please teach me… he also sings like that in dirty
    diana… his voices sound like a rock guitar. Hope u can help me… Peace ­čśÇ
    James Brown
    has also this kind of voice´╗┐

  26. Blues Clues says:

    Oh God!! Bless youu… You have an amazing and beautiful voiceeee..´╗┐

  27. Golden Melody says:

    you have an amazing singing voice!! And for some reason, my voice became
    raspy and these tips helped A LOT!! Thanks!Ôś║´╗┐

  28. Andrea Solis says:

    came for a kat dahlia voice´╗┐

  29. YourLocalTrashcan says:

    Came for a Taylor Momsen like voice…dunno if that’s possible tho her
    voice is perfection´╗┐

  30. a small loan of a million dollars says:

    I want an Axl Rose or Lzzy Hale rasp´╗┐

  31. Cheri Watts (Dr. Cheri) says:


    First thank you for this video. You have an amazing voice and I really
    appreciate this pointer in singing.

    Can you do a video on how to scream sing? Like when Prince sang “The
    Beautiful Ones” the end of the song is where Prince sang” Do you want him?
    Or do you want me? Cuz I want you. Another example can be found in his
    song, How Come You Don’t Call Me (Anymore). He actually incorporates a
    controlled awesome sounding scream into the songs and I want to know how.

    Thank you once again.´╗┐

  32. Verabelle says:

    Songs in your library is accessible in-app to the sing along practice.

  33. Derek Bray says:

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  34. Sally can rightly be thought to be a pioneer of using group singing for office and crew development activities.

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