Discover all about VOICE LESSON 6: GOOD DICTION SINGING TECHNIQUES with ERIK DILLARD by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here VOICE LESSON 6: GOOD DICTION SINGING TECHNIQUES with ERIK DILLARD.



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  1. Gabriel Dimitrov says:

    Very funny excercises 😀 Thank you man, you’re the best youtube vocal
    teacher… im a guitar player, but i wanted to sign too, but my vocal was
    terrible. After 2 weeks of signing along and training with you my vocal is
    going better every day. And now… just to remember it faster 😀 – “Many
    mumbling mice are making midnight music in the moonlight… mighty nice!”

  2. Can you rap? Or have you ever rapped? Just curious

  3. Ezra Luxander says:

    Best teacher ever!! thnks for those singing techniques..

  4. Staci Nicole says:

    This is gonna sound really stupid, but I can’t keep my lips moving! :D

  5. Aila Dalumpines says:

    I have a question. In the – mighty nice – isn’t it it’s a bit loww, when i
    tried it and it’s like it doesn’t sounds like yours, i mean i’m just like
    saying it. LOL, doesn’t have a tune ^^, ? =D * help? ^^,*

  6. Lemuel Rojer says:

    hey Erik what exactly is diction

  7. I’m glad the sink was clean….lol. I’m kidding..but thank u for this! I am
    still singing the mumbling mice that croon at night song lmao

  8. Rochelle Hanson says:

    Ou. i like that tip at the end. i might use that towel thing. and of
    course, the many mumbling mice ;-)

  9. TheMadPatter says:

    That’s the same way I play my didgeridoo.

  10. Michael Dacanay says:

    im starting to hear my vibrato last sunday after trying some of your vocal
    exercise like the two note exercise. Thanks for the video!

  11. Patrick Weathersby says:

    Erik this is the first video blog that I have seen of u… Your technique
    is on point and very useful…Keep doing your thing. Peace

  12. John Metal says:

    Great vid Erik! Thanks a lot;)

  13. i can totally do this, but not in public..lol!!! I can probably play the
    piano part too..i have a confidence issue with singing to people although
    i’m very outgoing?? Krazy huh?

  14. Joh Hansen says:

    Brilliant intro! Why don’t you have your own show? Cheers for the lesson!

  15. Joh Hansen says:

    @lloyd614 And I didn’t mean to say that this isn’t somehow ‘your show’ I
    just meant on tv and the like! LOL

  16. ChuckleKing says:

    dude how are you suppose to breath while you do the motor mouth exercise?

  17. Gabe General says:

    the end…. is SOOO random…. i love it :D

  18. Nina Blesinger says:

    Hey! I’m from germany and I looove your videos 🙂 they help me a lot,
    because I’m singing in a band and I… well I can’t even sing 😀 lol. AND
    I’m in grade 9 and I understand everything you’re explaining in english!
    That’s pretty amazing, I always know what you’re talking about xD great

  19. @lloyd614 i’m also from germany 🙂 and i love ur videos.. i love singing
    and playing the piano so much and i wish i had some private lessons to
    improve my singing.. but these videos really helped me.. i’ll try
    everything as soon as i am well again.. a sick voice is ugly 😀 lol God
    bless you

  20. Kengo James says:

    haha i speak japanese and didnt even notice you said saigo instead of last

  21. Manny Camacho says:

    Thanx for your videos dood! They’re awesome!

  22. DBSKcollab says:

    1:30 – First Excercise 3:23 – Second Excercise 

  23. tikirolin says:

    I cannot do the lip roll, is there any substitute? Thanks so much!

  24. Sophia Deschanel says:

    Is it ok if my nose is tingling like crazy?? :D

  25. Tommy Kevin Vevle says:

    0:58 – pretending the video started at that point and thinking wtf

  26. Dennis Salmon says:

    i love what you are doing, keep it up peace.

  27. Erik Dillard says:

    Hey there! I used to. I now live in Atlanta, GA.

  28. hsballer24 says:

    Will practicing singing higher everyday hurt my voice? How many days a week
    should I rest it?

  29. Many mumbling mice are making midnight music in the moonlight might nice

  30. Jacques Mary Lisnay says:

    Good job man.. thank you

  31. NamiBurger says:

    While i was watching you do the tongue twister exercise, my cat was pulling
    her ears back as if she knew you were singin about mice…LOL

  32. gida gilliard says:

    i’ve always had an issue with doing the motor-mouth….ok, gotta work on

  33. Steve Chord says:

    This guy is one of the best vocal coach i respect.shoould in case you live
    in Ghana and you need a vocal coach,please call me on +233542992386 

  34. d35chae90 says:

    It tickles my nose. But, I’m only on 1:10 of the video. LOL

  35. Mzlucy LadyFE says:

    Hey E, It’s good to see you glad your back!!! Lucille

  36. Alexandra Pittman says:

    Avoid dairy merchandise or thick drinks similar to smoothies immediately before singing.

  37. I would really recommend having lessons with Maria because they are great fun and full of new things to learn.

  38. But here’s the thing with that, if you’re going to sing A cappella, I’d like you to find what key the song is in and use an iPhone app or something, a piano app, to actually hit the note first for you, so that you are in the right key, if you are going to sing A cappella.

  39. Audrey Norman says:

    It’s funny that many people would never play sport without warming up – yet don’t?even consider warming up their voice before singing.

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