VOICE LESSON 25: HOW TO SING IN HARMONY (Part 1) Singing Techniques with Erik Dillard

Discover all about VOICE LESSON 25: HOW TO SING IN HARMONY (Part 1) Singing Techniques with Erik Dillard by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here VOICE LESSON 25: HOW TO SING IN HARMONY (Part 1) Singing Techniques with Erik Dillard.



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40 thoughts on “VOICE LESSON 25: HOW TO SING IN HARMONY (Part 1) Singing Techniques with Erik Dillard

  1. Jojo Sibal says:

    I love how both of you are so happy. Hahahaha

  2. Tomislav Ognenovski says:

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    loser always, I’ve gotta tell you) gets an incredible woman to fall for him
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  3. EasyEarTraining says:

    Nice demonstration of consonance and dissonance in singing harmonies by

  4. John Smith says:

    I’ll have to go with Joyel, I don’t understand when or why you use either
    techniques. This has always been confusing to me. I just want to learn
    it…not for any reason just myself. Thanks.

  5. Tammy McMillan says:

    You two are absolutely adorable to watch & sing beautifully. :)

  6. Tammy McMillan says:

    I am hoping you can explain to me something that happened only once when I
    was in 8th grade choir & I was so embarrassed that I didn’t ask how I did
    it, even though it wasn’t technically wrong. We were all singing a song,
    and when I came to a word, I sang it, by accident in harmony. It was so
    pronounced that the teacher & the class all laughed, but in a positive
    way.. It was just embarrassing. How was I able to sing 2 chords at one time
    like that? Thanks for any help.

  7. Victor Arnez says:

    Great show and very helpfully, thanks much!

  8. earth2air2water says:


  9. Mukesh Rathore says:

    so fun loving u r Erik….good video..thanks for this :)

  10. vybz wartel says:

    can someone please tell me what was the lady singing,alto or tenor or
    whatever…….what was she harmonizing with???

  11. Mach5Music says:

    Tension is the word you’re looking for. Great tutorials.

  12. skip to 1:35 if you wish to skip straight to the video.

  13. Wolfman Dan says:

    First video I’ve seen by you guys, as a rock and blues singer myself, I can
    drive or belt a melody, but have always wanted to expand my repertoire by
    being able to harmonize, which I kind of stink at. Having had no Idea where
    to start, or what the different types were or how they function to
    compliment each other, thank you for sharing this. 

  14. Tina Ortega says:

    31 unique and highly effective vocal exercises that you can download and take with you to continue improving your voice wherever you go.

  15. Karl Liebhardt says:

    great singing. Is she singing a 5th above you or a 3rd on the first song?

  16. Rachel Burt says:

    You two are so fun to watch. 

  17. Rahul James Iyer says:

    You guys sound great. But I’m still extremely confused and no closer to
    learning how to sing in harmony than I was before I watched this.

  18. Taneesha Ford says:

    I don’t feel like you’re teaching how to harmonize, just singing. 

  19. ForShizzleize says:

    Black People can SING #PositiveRacism

  20. cool lesson, especially the last minute is handy!

  21. Jonny Roxx says:

    Erik, you guys are awesome! A true beginner can just follow along & emulate
    the notes you sing & someone with some musical training can glean even more
    good stuff. I have transcribed the harmonies you sing & then completed my
    own 4 voice (sometimes more) harmony (Bass line, implied chord tones, etc.)
    & have come up with some great arrangements by playing around with your
    harmonies. I love your approach. It’s fun, musical & organic. Keep up the
    good work! Peace. JR

  22. Ronald matamon says:

    you both are top.. you helping a lot. thanks.

  23. Robert Lane says:

    You make me sick. I get so confused! Most folks don’t understand singing is
    a serious skill. I know I must fail before I can succeed. Thank you!

  24. TheOnlyHonkization says:

    i love the background music in the first 2 minutes omg saxophone with beats
    whuaah <3 i love jazz
    i hope i will kinda sorta become able o sing 2nd voice ...

  25. GasFromMyAnus I0I says:

    1:54 to skip the bullshit.

  26. Trent Hughes says:

    Great job guys. Very helpful.

  27. Michelle Wentworth says:

    Waste the first 90 seconds talking about food.

  28. Christina Short says:

    It makes singing much much less strenuous and makes it stress-free.

  29. Joshua Vega says:

    Listening comes before speaking, or in this case, singing.

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