Discover all about VOICE LESSON 12: VIBRATO SINGING TECHNIQUES (2) with Erik Dillard by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here VOICE LESSON 12: VIBRATO SINGING TECHNIQUES (2) with Erik Dillard.

41 thoughts on “VOICE LESSON 12: VIBRATO SINGING TECHNIQUES (2) with Erik Dillard

  1. hi ive posted a video called can i sing? how can i improve? because ive
    just started singing and i would really like to know how good i am and how
    i can improve i dont wanna ask my family or friends because i think they
    would just say im very good coz they dont want to hurt my feelings anyway i
    was wondering if you could watch my video and comment please

  2. Holy SHIT ON A STICK!! I have struggled with this for YEARS and finally, I
    am making a sound that somewhat resembles vibrato! By no means am I a
    singer of any standard but when I perform for my thousands of fans (In my
    head in the shower) I won’t sound like a dying cat. Ok, Maybe a little bit
    but omg this works! THANK YOU!

  3. Ok I have a lisp. I speak with my tongue (unfortunately) and I’ve been
    dealing with this for a while now. I believe it to be the reason why I have
    such a hard time with doing these techniques you’ve taught in this video. I
    can’t pulsate the same note, nor can I move faster on the Two-Note exercise
    and I believe it’s cause of my lisp. Plus I have an odd voice. It’s neither
    Baritone nor Bass nor Soprano. It’s kinda in between all 3. So do you have
    any advice or tips that can help me out?

  4. Wicked…drills i was looking for!! Thanks man…took me a couple of your
    drills to get the vibrato going…Keep up the good teaching methods bro!

  5. I have this nasty habit of always trying to fake a vibrato with what I
    calla “spongebob laugh” effect. And it sounds so uncontrolled and a lot of
    times I might even choke while trying to do that lol. It’s just when try
    to sing like singers such as Tori kelly it naturally comes out when I try
    to mimic her riffs.

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