Vocal Transformation – How to Sing Better – PHIL MOUFARREGE

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If you train singing incorrectly, at best you will see very slow and miniscule results, and at worst you will damage your voice.



10 thoughts on “Vocal Transformation – How to Sing Better – PHIL MOUFARREGE

  1. GaryGuevara says:

    So true what you say about social conditioning stifling peoples confidence and freedom to express themselves. You are doing great work Phil.

  2. Danny Santana says:

    i like that your nice over all I can see he got more confident

  3. MEV Experience says:

    Kudos to you Phil and also to Doug for sharing!
    I could definitely identify with many of the challenges Doug was facing.

    Just uploaded a 9 month voice transformation vid on my channel where you can see some of the progress I made.

    Keep up the good work Phil!

  4. Will Morgan says:

    I love your channel. Doug has a great voice

  5. Tren Herd says:

    Oh wow, this gives me a lot of hope.

  6. Doug if you read this, well done, you and your videos are amazing!😄

  7. Víctor Cortés says:

    Phil, I am interested in taking skype lessons with you, man. Is there any way I can preview the class structure or the way they are? You know, just to be completely sure that’s what I’m looking for. Cheers!

  8. Gyleigh Roa says:

    I wish i could sing like this. I just naturally suck at singing. Haha

  9. Ananda Mañana says:

    Beautiful. I really needed to watch this. Laid down my first tracks today. It is a real exercise in objective reality when that sound of your own voice comes back to you. Lets walk this road!

  10. Roy Marshall says:

    This guy is so much like me, exactly how I would behave during a lesson. You know, if I actually started.

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