Vocal Tips – How to Sing Without Strain

Discover all about Vocal Tips – How to Sing Without Strain by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Tips – How to Sing Without Strain.

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42 thoughts on “Vocal Tips – How to Sing Without Strain

  1. arekushisu hainzu says:

    ….this girl has the arms of another person….

  2. Genesis2091 says:

    Thank you! I really needed this. I find myself getting that strain, it
    really hurts sometimes, and singing should never be painful! So I knew I
    wasn’t doing it right 😛 Any reason why sometimes I get major pressure in
    my sinuses? Too much strain in head voice, compressing too much? It’s
    painful too.. I don’t think I sound horrible when that happens.. I just put
    the pressure in all the wrong places I end up feeling sick afterwards. I
    really want to improve that, I love singing.

  3. Toasty Toast says:

    What in the world does the “E” mean?

  4. AwakenSoul27 says:

    i thought she would sing E scale…lol…yea that e is funny..

  5. Asali Evans says:


  6. Paige Mangubat says:

    I so needed this because every time I sing high notes for a long time, I
    lose my voice the next day. I have a naturally thin, raspy and husky voice,
    so I tend to lose my voice easily.

  7. Jae Monroe says:

    Where did you learn these terms? “Compression?” And to advise “squeezing
    with tension” are you out of your mind? Proper singing involves NO BODY
    TENSION! And what about a free Jaw? Singing from the hinge? Singing from
    your diaphragm? Putting your hand under your chin is gonna help? NOOO! That
    will just give your student TMJ! I’m really saddened by seeing so many
    money hungry wanna be voice teachers giving crap advice with nonsense
    terms. Elizabeth Schwartzkopf is rolling over right about now!

  8. Luke Warren says:

    hey Jae, are you a singing expert then? Just wondering, I’m not taking the
    pee or anything like that.

  9. Luke Warren says:

    So what’s this about good tension & bad tension? Is it total bollocks or is
    it in fact true.

  10. Agreed. What the heck even is this?

  11. TheEnviousdominous says:

    I’m in the gray area of Youtube that explains for the age old question of
    “Who needs that much data?”. Well me from 1992, human misery needs that

  12. jehovahuponyou says:


  13. jajabinks92 says:

    Wow fail. -_- At 1:40 she talks about how body tension engages muscles in
    the neck area that inhibits singing, causing strain. So no, no where did
    she say body tension was good thing. So before you start making arguments
    out of thin air, it’s generally a good idea to pay attention to the video
    first. In case that wasn’t obvious.

  14. Brandon Chew says:

    what is the soundtrack at the beginning and the ending of the video?

  15. Emman Carating says:

    i really wanna squeeze something…:)

  16. Nightcore World says:

    You helped me a lot! Thank you!!!

  17. Joe Geraci says:

    this improved my voice alot. thanks

  18. Good advice but you have a slight vocal fry when you speak

  19. YouCleverThingYou says:

    it really helps if you stick your tongue out while you sing when you start
    feeling strain

  20. daniel casey says:

    No wrong it helps, but if u do it to much it will become a Babbitt and it
    blocks tone and makes u sing weaker. Ur tongue gots to be under teeth

  21. daniel casey says:

    Ceenas write to much fry is bad it. I sang that way and talk that way
    before , but stopped when i started useing my tummy mucsle. U never use a
    fry if u want to sing clear, but stiles like rock or pop use some fry, but
    dowop and classical needs clear tone. Thats what i hear anyways dam mike
    saby people when u want to take a room over by sing fuck fry lol.

  22. LastDayStudios says:

    Great I learned how to place my thumb under my throat -_-

  23. Swati Mishra says:

    Great story. Jumping all over the place. But no proper information on “how
    to sing without strain”. 

  24. Tommy Han Huang says:

    what is the song name of the beginning where guitar solos?

  25. An annoying 20 second intro for a 3 minute video…really? Just get to the
    lessons please.

  26. Harshana Abeyrathne says:

    hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out learn how to sing really
    well try Alkarno Quick Singer Alchemist (just google it ) ? Ive heard some
    interesting things about it and my m8 got excellent success with it.

  27. WhizzoPlays says:

    +Singing Success i would like some reassurance. i have an accent that
    isn’t particularly nice to others. i would like to know wether i can sing
    without having the nasal sounds from my accent or convert my style of
    singing to best suit my accent.
    Also i have a common habit of blasting my vocals when going to my higher
    vocal range and it sounds powerful and all but not all songs need
    powerful…could you tell me how i can hit those higher notes without
    blasting them (just to make them sound light)

  28. Caca Crumbs says:

    I can’t sing with my head voice anymore. When I try to switch from chest
    voice to head voice, it always sounds airy and my voice cracks and it won’t
    let me sing. 

  29. Evelyn Carr says:

    I’m proud to deliver lessons that are tailored to your needs, whether that be Classical training, Popular music vocal technique, or help with performance!

  30. You sing a few songs or just a few scales, and you then wish to discover it again, ESPECIALLY for those who left it a couple of days later.

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