Vocal Tips – How to Sing ROCK and Singing Rock Exercises

Discover all about Vocal Tips – How to Sing ROCK and Singing Rock Exercises by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Tips – How to Sing ROCK and Singing Rock Exercises.

Vocal Tips – How to Sing ROCK and Singing Rock Exercises

In this tip, Chris explains his method for singing rock. Another exclusive tip, only from Singing Success. Stay tuned for Chris Keller’s upcoming program on singing rock.

40 thoughts on “Vocal Tips – How to Sing ROCK and Singing Rock Exercises

  1. This is a delicate matter… When I sing rock the sweet spot is right where
    it starts to sound wonky. So, I sing from the top of my lungs while
    recording and more controlled while performing live.

  2. M U T R A N says:

    You´re absolutely right! Watch him yesterday in Rio. He was perfect.

  3. Miguel Perez says:

    this guy kills it 2:02 i mean damn

  4. I’m glad this is here. Johnny Craig (Emarosa, Dance Gavin Dance) uses this
    kind of distortion if you will. If you do this without proper cord
    development you probably won’t be able to support the tones while doing
    this without much damage. Those are my thoughts on it at least. Mostly
    because you’ll have to overcompress to keep the airflow from blowing you
    apart. You won’t have the cord compression necessary to hold it without the
    throat becoming overly involved. You’re one of my idols Chris Keller. Love
    ya man!



  6. jayson petrulis says:

    1:48 To 1:51 xD sounds like yo mama :3

  7. amir dalal says:

    sweet tips and great voice 😀
    and i want to share this story with you guys..very appreciate

  8. radioshackpopcorn says:

    NOOO! HEEEY!! heeeeeeyy! heeeeey! nooooooo

  9. bvbarmy_ girl says:

    Haha this made me laugh alot but thx that was not that bad

  10. sound like he’s taking a massive shit

  11. Rangana Jayakody says:

    My dog can sing rock too

  12. Don Carlson says:

    Twang. Huge amount of twang will make you sound like a friggin’ lawnmower.
    This will affect your speaking voice for a little bit after, but it wont’
    hurt. It will also be REALLY LOUD. So back off the mic when you do it. It
    will sound best in a mixed belt. All twang really is, is “squillo”. It came
    from classical music and someone discovered that if they twanged as hard as
    they could, it made their voice sound like it was falling apart. One of the
    most famous singers who used twang is Layne Staley. I suspect that Kurt
    Cobain also used it…Probably got the idea from Chris Cornell, who might
    have told him it would make his voice louder with less effort, given that
    Cornell had vocal training and they were friends. Cobain likely wasn’t
    really screaming as hard as we all thought. Before he died, he commented
    that he was tired of “faking it” and if you were screaming as hard as it
    looked like he was every night, your neck muscles would be popping out,
    your voice would be hoarse… And it would SHOW UP IN YOUR SPEAKING VOICE.
    He also would have complained of vocal problems. He occasionally looked
    bored. If he was wincing at all, it was because of his stomach, because he
    probably ate right before he sang, and that hurts. I would not at all be
    surprised if he had learned to sing with twang early on and was only
    pretending to scream painfully.

  13. Just a random guy commenting for no apparent reason says:

    Those high vocals are really difficult for me. I am trying to get a Axl
    Rose voice.

  14. Vix Saldo says:

    ::: .my neighbors are shouting at me….lol…but thanks a lot bro…

  15. The only person i know who can sing rock safely is myles kennedy

  16. Jonathan Goddard (Jon) says:

    Don’t say Nickelback it makes my ears bleed… lol

  17. Melissa Martin says:

    Thanks dude this was great

  18. AllThat Uneed says:

    for the ones who can’t sing Rock

  19. Nickel back is an insult, but Brent smith already has that natural grit in
    his voice so that’s how he’s able to do it effortlessly. Just hard for you
    because your natural tone is already so high.

  20. FadedGaming says:

    I want that Gerard way voice.

  21. Acinomyx2693 says:

    Do voices like Serj Tankian (SOAD) hurts the throat if we try them? I could
    barely get a right picture on projecting that voice.

  22. MothaFxck says:

    If you’re having trouble finding the grit, search “vocal fry.” It’s
    basically that “ehhh,” or “blehhh” sound. Try finding it with the “eh”
    vowel and then keep that grit while changing vowels.

  23. SleezyWeezel says:


  24. Doris Bermudez says:

    when he was screaming almost to the end he sounded like kellin quinn

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