Vocal Tips For K pop Fans #7: How to sing with a vibrato

Discover all about Vocal Tips For K pop Fans #7: How to sing with a vibrato by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Tips For K pop Fans #7: How to sing with a vibrato.

If you ever wondered how, here’s how. lol

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12 thoughts on “Vocal Tips For K pop Fans #7: How to sing with a vibrato

  1. I think I have a combination of the tongue and larynx, apparently. Thanks
    for pointing this out! And I love the hair btw.

  2. I have great vibrato in my head voice and fasletto, but im not sure how to
    transfer to my chest and mixed voice. I also find it easier to do a steady
    vibrato in the lower register. Thanks for the video!

  3. Thank you. My own sounds like a “bleating sheep” so like it’s too fast and
    tight. You should a video on tension. I held my tongue and it keeps sliding
    back the higher I go.

  4. I think i have a too wide vibrato.
    When sustaining a C i sometimes peak up to a sharp C#.
    I always thought that this was okay cause Sohyang’s vibrato on a Bb peaks
    up to B .
    Or Beyonce’s vibrato on an F that goes up fo F#.
    Or … Most Classical Bariton’s that have vibrato’s soo wide that it can
    peak a whole note lower.
    Also i feel like the tongue and larynx vibrato are very bad cause they
    create tension

  5. Quick question, when you do a natural vibrato, do you feel it? Most of the
    time when I sing, I can feel the vibrato (and I’m pretty sure it’s not a
    tongue or larnyx vibrato) but when I used to take voice lessons, because I
    would sing more operatic songs, I remember a vibrato coming out but I
    couldn’t really feel it and it sounded different than the vibrato that
    usually comes out when I sing, it was slightly wider.

  6. Weirdly, my vibrato I’d none of these.
    But if I relax completely, none of it comes either. I know it is not the
    tongues me neither the jaw. I just do it. Is it bad?

  7. Thanks so much for making these videos. I learn so much every time and I
    like re-watching every now and again.

    If it would be OK for me to make a request, do you think it might be
    possible to somewhat adjust the volume of future videos? I feel as though
    the volume differential between the vocal clips and your talking may be
    rather large–your voice sounds very quiet to me but the clips sound loud,
    so I end up with my speakers like blasting Shannon belting lol

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