Vocal Tips For K pop Fans #4: How To Sing High Notes

Discover all about Vocal Tips For K pop Fans #4: How To Sing High Notes by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Tips For K pop Fans #4: How To Sing High Notes.

Sorry for the late video guys!


Hello guys! This is my fourth official Vocal Tips For K-pop Fans videos! This is going to be a new series of videos I’m going to be making to target your guys’ questions about singing technique and how to better approach your own singing voice and improve your singing! Please share this video, leave comments, like our facebook page to keep yourself updated with our newest analyses and check out the KpopVocalAnalysis wordpress blog! ^ ^

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32 thoughts on “Vocal Tips For K pop Fans #4: How To Sing High Notes

  1. Thanks for this video ahmin they help me lol cause I am not good at singing
    but I’m trying to get better

    Are there other any exercises to develop head voice or falsetto? Also My
    voice feels most comfortable in falsetto is that bad? I heard that you need
    to use falsetto sparingly for your voice to stay intact over time.

  2. ggdomination says:

    hello there! who has the widest vocal range among female idols? I’m
    thinking Hyorin and Ailee but I want your input :)

  3. Joann Kpop says:

    could you do the vocal analyse for S.E.S Bada? Her voice sounds really
    great… however I’m curious about your opinion :D

  4. Silver Daimon says:

    Awesome video and really helpful. I wish BAP’s Youngjae and BTS’Jungkook
    took lessons from you.

  5. iamaminibluberri says:

    Thank you for all the awesome videos and analysis ^^ I was wondering if for
    your next video you’d consider doing something on vocal types? Like what’s
    the difference between light, full, spinto (some words I remember seeing on
    your analysis’s). Also I was wondering, what determines if you’re a
    soprano, tenor etc? Is it just your highest/lowest note or would it be
    possible to be, say, a mezzo that has a wide range or something and can
    sing comfortably into the soprano range?

  6. Jacqueline S (Jackie) says:

    Whenever you are using your head voice, you have to feel it around your
    nasal cavities, right? And you have to lift your soft palate as well right?
    just kind of confused by it lmao

    And the chest voice is something that every singer uses as well right?


  7. Taeyeon Snsd says:

    Hey can you tell me what’s the difference between high notes and long
    notes? Because i have misidentify between those two.

  8. Bommie Penboy says:

    Thanks for this videos, they really help me a lot.

    Are there other any other exercises to develop falsetto? tbh my falsetto is
    really bad. lol

  9. Vanishing Moonlight says:

    Hey it’s me again lol. So I was having a marathon with this vocal lessons
    there is something that I literally see in ALL the lessons videos that I
    can’t do/ figure out how to do. When you did the nasal exercise to bring
    the head voice down and place it in the mask, you went from C4 to C5 back
    to C4 without a break or anything and with such a constant tone. How the
    hell does people even do that? Lol not trying to sound rude nor anything,
    but my last confort is E4 and then I start to kinda shout, and I just don’t
    know how to activate that part of my voice. Is it something I have to find
    or it’s something I actually have to build slowly? 

  10. Hi Ahmin! thanks for all your videos, they’ve helped me understand so much
    more about proper singing(:
    Could you include more vocal exercises in your future videos? I really love
    the ones you’ve taught and they’ve helped me sing better. I really wish you
    could be my vocal instructor!

  11. Lisa Michelle says:

    I feel no buzz except for the lowest tone at 5:32… What am I doing wrong?
    Also, my voice goes in the head voice when I reach an A. When I sing with
    you I can’t keep my voice in the chest voice at the ‘papapa’ and mamamama
    excercises… I’d love to do them but am I doing it right?

  12. TsalisGD Nabila says:

    hmm, teacher, would you mind to analyze freddie mercury’s voice? im so
    curious, thanks! x)

  13. Chris Huynh says:

    Hey Ahmin! Remember me? XD I was just curious about the range you were
    singing in for the exercises, since your keyboard was upside down while I
    was watching the vid, and I’m used to using a normal piano to finding
    specific notes. Oh btw, Taeyeon’s solo album came out.. so is her vocal
    analysis coming anytime soon?

  14. Mindy Chua says:

    the ‘naeng naeng naeng’ so annoying 😂

  15. rica Jeres says:

    This might seem weird but- Does raising your eyebrows help you reach those
    high notes too? Cuz I see that you raise your eyebrows most of the time for
    those notes… But maybe it’s just me idk

  16. rica Jeres says:

    Hi! Can you do a vocal analysis on Kihyun from Monsta X please? Check out
    his cover of “HYEYA”. 🙂
    I follow how the singers sing and Kihyun’s voice is the most comfortable
    voice I can follow… Although I should really search for my own voice but
    I dunno how.

  17. Jon Armstrong says:

    So, when I use these warmups should I prates with a open throat or a close

  18. antoniobarrientes94 says:

    Awesome video. Definitely learning a lot. What kind of piano are you using?

  19. Kaye Musume says:

    Is the buzzing feeling only around the nose area or surrounding the cheeks,
    nose and the mouth? Like a forward feeling? How would I know if I am mixing

  20. I do have a question. I really don’t know if I am pushing my voice too
    much. I really don’t know whether my voice has a good placement, and
    resonance. How can I know that? How could I also know that my voice has a
    good support? Hmmm based on my last test my vocal range starts from A2-A#6.
    I can hit C5-A5 without using falsetto (I think) because for me its not
    airy and its loud enough. Many people also say that I sound like a girl. My
    throat also doesn’t hurt. How can I determine those vocal parameter? Thank
    you so much

  21. This might be stupid but how do you sing a specific note? Do I have to
    study music?

  22. Hdhnobl Obl says:

    when kpop singer( female) sing high note, they sing it with chest voice or
    mix voice? for ex. taeyeon in “I”, orvwhen she sang hush hush? and eunji?

  23. Carmelita Parane Nazario says:

    Sir, how do I sing supported high notes like Ms. Sohyang Kim? :O

  24. Powder Puff says:

    I noticed a lot of kpop singers have bad techniques, like no resonance or
    vibrato and a lot of strain. It’s surprising because you see grown woman
    belting notes or singing in chest tone, fully developed singers without any
    vibrato, which is supposed to develop in every singers voice.

  25. Drae Clark says:

    I wasn’t asking you my friend got on my phone and typed it sorry for the
    wrong misunderstanding

  26. Primadhani Galih says:

    I need this! T_T My high notes are usually hit-or-miss
    I’m thankful for your all vocal tips video because your explanation is so

  27. Erin Johnson says:

    if only I could play piano, I could practice these at home

  28. Mary Keomala says:

    is there anyway I can get lessons from you?.. even if I paid? I have big
    dreams of being a kpop star I work hard even to the point we’re I cry.
    Since I have depression already..I might kill myself if I don’t get in. i
    know I know its pathetic but I can’t take it

  29. kurt berry says:

    It’s been a year since i’ve been self-training thanks to youtube videos and
    i have a lot of things to ask you (if you don’t mind…sorry, this is gonna
    be long). First, let’s talk about lows. I can sing comfortably A2s, and i
    always try to avoid lowering my larynx and keep my throat as relaxed as
    possible. HOWEVER, after two hours of consant singing, i can’t even hit a
    B2. Is it normal? i don’t think so, sadly HAHAAH (if I rest for one hour
    then those A2s are back, but idk, it’s annoying af). Now let’s jump right
    into the mixed voice. Well, i know that everyone naturally mix the voice,
    so it’s never gonna be pure chest, BUT i seriously don’t know how to do it.
    I can sing comfortably F4s and when properly warmed up even G#4s. I don’t
    feel tension or pushing, and even after those famous two hours, those F4s
    and G4s are still there. Does that mean that i’m hitting them properly?.
    When it comes to head voice/falsetto i really can’t tell. When i was
    younger, i used to sing ONLY in falsetto (i”m not even kidding), and now i
    feel natural for me to flip into it instead of head voice (does that make
    sense ?). I can do a glissando from a low note to a high note in falsetto
    without breaking, and the other way round as well, is that a good thing?
    Also, my falsetto is the first thing that i “lose” after singing too much.
    As well as the low register it returns back after an hour of rest but it’s,
    again, so annoying. Lastly, am i a tenor or a baritone? my vocal range is
    G#2-G#4-A#5 and i feel more comfortable in the fourth octave sooo…can i
    be a tenor that CLEARLY doesn’t know how to mix?
    Sorry for all of this shit, but i’m getting pretty frustrated HAHAHAHAH.
    I would love to hear (or read or whatever) your response, byeee <3

  30. DN ohminsik says:

    hey dude do you offer singing lessons? lol

  31. mintsugar_productions says:

    I’m not quite if you can answer this, but can you recommend any
    entertainment to audition for?

  32. relax throat, have Good cord closure, breath from your stomach, think of
    the vowel uh when you sing higher, voila el mixerino

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