Vocal Tips 2 – sing softly

Discover all about Vocal Tips 2 – sing softly by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Tips 2 – sing softly.

90 day vocal tip challenge Day 2 – Sing softly to learn breath support and placement #vocalcoach #vocals #voicelessons

I am a degreed Vocal Coach having studied Classical, Jazz, and Gospel/ Rnb vocal techniques.. I’ve learned what works to make a song great and what works to make your voice better, healthier and stronger. I teach in Atlanta, GA and on Facetime and Skype. You can go directly to may page to book and schedule your lessons!


16 thoughts on “Vocal Tips 2 – sing softly

  1. Tony's World says:

    Is Jill Scott a dramatic soprano? Do you think shes good?

  2. Andrew Garfield says:

    Can you do a video on whisper voice?

  3. Mondel Bamboo says:

    Yes I’m loving this new segment you got going on!!!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾💙

  4. Melissa H. says:

    This is a great comeback, keep up the good work girl!!

  5. Odysseus Saxton says:

    Hey im a new student at Berklee college of music..and Im wondering do you give any lessons? Paid skype lessons or anything… There are certain things that I really feel you are the only one I can learn from, before I start in January. Thank you very much for your wonderful uploads! ☺

  6. Terrasong Up says:

    Enjoyed it… See you tomorrow!!!

  7. Christopher Williams says:

    I love this series. At some point can you address compression vs strain or pushing the chords together. Also maybe a way you can find your compression

  8. Christopher Williams says:

    Btw, I also saw you at pretty simple music, loved it.

  9. Maryah Watkins Productions. says:

    So Mariah Carey does this like A LOT and people say it’s worse for you than ‘normal’ singing. do you agree or do you disagree?

  10. Mark Shelton says:

    Great tip Dileesa! My voice is naturally soft so I’ve pretty much mastered the ability to sing softly a long time ago lol. Another suggestion for singers that wanna sing softly is to listen and study smooth singers like Aaliyah, Sade and Mariah Carey cuz that’s what helped me.

  11. I think because most people rate power belting above anything else. Singers who focus on a soft delivery are often unrecognized. Judy Collins singing Danny Boy is so pure and sweet 😍

  12. StyleYour Life says:

    you are just the best vocal coach . Your tips are so useful and simple to understand, that i always wonder, why other vocal coaches take so long to explain it . 

    i wish i´d live near you and could attend vocal lessons regularly. Unfortunately i live in Germany :´D 

    but i am thinking about purchasing your courses 😀 

    LG from Germany

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