Vocal Range Exercises – Increase Vocal Range and Sing Higher – Felicia Ricci

Discover all about Vocal Range Exercises – Increase Vocal Range and Sing Higher – Felicia Ricci by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Range Exercises – Increase Vocal Range and Sing Higher – Felicia Ricci.

Vocal Range Exercises – Increase Your Singing Range /
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Learn how to increase your vocal range! The answer to increasing range is not to muscle your way up through imaginary “ceilings,” but to grow the voice through small, deliberate work in your midrange that unlocks overtones. When it comes to bridging between perceived chest voice and head voice, small, laser-focused sound in the mask area of the face will help you to sing THROUGH your break – until you realize you actually have no break at all.
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When it comes to expanding range, it’s totally possible, just think about it as lifting weights for your muscles. Slow and steady, without jumping to massive amounts right away, will grow, shape, and strengthen your voice.
Get 11 vocal warmup videos and audio downloads completely free – As a professional voice finder, it’s my sworn duty to teach you how to find your singing voice! Learning how to improve your singing voice is all about simple, achievable steps that make SENSE to you. All of us learn how to sing on our own timeline, and certain things will click more than others. But it’s important that YOU understand your voice more than anyone else — learning how to be a good singer is, in many ways, getting to know yourself 🙂 If you feel you don’t yet know how to sing like a pro, be patient — every baby step and daily practice session helps. (And I’ll keep posting new vids to help you!)
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  1. Shannon Barrios says:

    this is so amazing. SO TRUE

  2. Joyce Garcia says:

    Hello fel😊 i just want to ask.. How can i achieve falsetto… 😊 please

  3. James deroche says:

    Fel I fell in love with you immediately *no pun* you really explain things
    i have not heard anyone explain before. You’re awesome! I have had no vocal
    training and realize that I’ve been singing all wrong ;( Although, you
    are’nt discouraging. Thank you so much! so you just subscribe with you? How
    do i find out more about a course with you……………thanks for the
    tips that are explained so that i can understand…………….you’re


  4. Cindy Marie Otero says:

    huhu, icant. my voice .. Are damage now.. 🙁 and my dream is To become a
    singer like bieber..

  5. Felicia you are very pretty and so amazing!

  6. WildVideos says:

    Thanks your videos are very helpful

  7. priyadarshini shivaram Bhat says:

    tq so much fel, u hav exactly identified the problems in me….Ur video is
    very informative n helped me a lot

  8. Omar Bono says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ll Keep taking all you advices :$ :D

  9. buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh buh

  10. Teen Vlog says:

    Hi Fel <3 I'm 15 y/o. I'm singer also,but now I can't sing as good as
    before. Can you tell something what i shall to do? <3 Love you so much.

  11. Mushba Raza says:

    Hey Fel! thank you so much for having this video am surely going to try it
    out :)

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  13. Rene Hamilton says:

    fel said chillax! great tip, I got pass this challenge only a few months

  14. Eduardo Costa says:

    My Vocal Range is F2-E6 (i hit a G6 but it wasn’t clear imo). How Many
    Octaves can i reach? Is it a good vocal range?

  15. Crazy Arianator says:

    are falsettos and whistle register included in your vocal range?

  16. can you please give some more tips for high notes

  17. Dianne Lawrence says:

    Fel- l Loved your video on increasing voice range. I especially enjoyed
    your upbeat and “can do” approach to sharing this info. Thank you very

  18. Asaba Tom says:

    I recorded myself as I sang using a certain app and the response I got was
    that my vocal range is A#2 and I don’t know how to interpret that, what
    does that mean?

  19. Bryan Sinclair says:

    hay fel some tips on rock voice would be great

  20. kpoptastic says:

    My range is F2-D7 without whistle i can only go to B5 tho.

  21. When increasing the pitch in your head voice is it different for guys as we
    use more cord anyway?

  22. Luciano Thund says:

    puh puh puhpuh puh puhpuh PUH

  23. Jaymz Hetfield says:

    I hurt my throat trying to hit an F6 and now I have a sore throat :)))))))

  24. sumit kumar says:

    Hey iam a Indian iam learning Indian classical please sing Sa Re G M Dh Ni

  25. Hasan Khan says:

    Heyyyy Fel!! When is ur singing transformation webinar reopening this

  26. Is it really possible hitting d4 while talking?

  27. Penn Kristal Lucente says:

    i hope i can hit high notes too.. hehe

  28. Funtastic Yanna says:

    She looks like brittany snow a.k.a. Chloe from pitch perfect

  29. Big MITTY says:

    well it’s nice to know I can get my girlfriend to her vocal ceiling…
    without her even knowing it.

  30. Johnny Greer says:

    You already love Spotify, but do you know how to get the most out of it?

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    Then too, assembly someone via correspondence -studying to like them on account of what they write in their letters to you – is sometimes disappointing and a hard situation to get out of, if you finally do meet in person.

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