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40 thoughts on “Vocal Lessons / Vocal Fry / High Head Voice

  1. My friend can do E2 to G#5 in full chest voice, with vibrato and a rock
    voice, then he can mix to a Bb5 and falsetto to D6, I can falsetto to F6

  2. Brenden anderson says:

    i pull my larynx every time i go high what should i do to stop it

  3. Raven Haste says:

    Is there any way to add rasp in to my voice without hurting my vocal chords

  4. JaguarSevenNova says:

    congratulations on being an amazing human being, your vocal fry sounded
    almost like elvis. you went from elvis to opera in a split second….i have
    a goal now X3

  5. Sarah Hopkins says:

    I’ve been singing for years and in the last couple years I have experienced
    allergies and they have effected my rang. I’m a soprano. (was a soprano) I
    can no longer get the High e flat very comfortably, how can I get my high
    rang back?

  6. Peter Beater says:

    Now I know who does the singing “e” on every Intro.

  7. Dylan Lopez says:

    Just keep singing the song, don’t think too much about it. I found when I
    had memorized the lyrics and got “bored” of singing it the way [some
    artist] did — it just *happens* where you start to sound like yourself.
    As you get better at singing you’ll find you more naturally improvise and
    stylize the song “your way”.

  8. Vocal fry – hhmm. When you do it it’s sooooo appealing. LOL An excellent
    explanation of the difference between a classical and contemporary approach
    to a song. Both work better when supported by proper technique

  9. Aaron King says:

    For a while, it seemed to me that SingingSuccess was a scam. Now, seeing
    someone so talented on the videos, I can see that though it may be a
    business, it is certainly not a scam. Brett Manning, you have amazing skill
    not only in singing, but also in explaining. Anyways, thanks for the video.

  10. Dylan Weberbauer says:

    Speak it, then speak it super-slowly concentrating on getting good resonant
    vowels, then speak it super-slowly on pitch. And then speed it up to the
    speed of the song. Even if it takes you 30 mins to get from speaking to
    singing the song, thats fine. I’m just an amateur singer but this is what
    my teacher gets me to do and it works great for me 🙂

  11. Luciano R says:

    Lower your head, put a CRAP TON of air in your lungs, and push your
    diafragm as much as possible, so you’ll get as much air through as
    possible, while maintaining that low tone.

  12. ben palmer says:

    Your mannerisms remind me of Jack Nicholson

  13. TsukinAMV says:

    you don’t, high notes resonate in the head, not the chest, pulling your
    chest voice too high will just sound strained and not pleasant to listen to
    at all, it will lack resonance and it could hurt your voice, there is
    nothing special happening to your cords between chest voice and head voice,
    it just stretches and the notes get higher and the placement for resonance
    also moves up. If you want to belt powerful high notes, you need to work on
    your head voice.

  14. Temjenzulu jamir says:

    with little push of falsetto,it sounds like pure head voice(a bit
    airy)…but then when singing i lose connection from chest to that pushed
    falsetto(breaks)…pls help!!

  15. Casen Watson says:

    You basically did Jack Nicholson and Matthew McConaughey impersonations. It
    works though, so either way.

  16. Liza Rome says:

    I had a question about the vocal fry. I keep hearing it’s in the lowest
    part of the registration in your voice (which is true) but my question is
    this: I’ve heard people sing, not quite with a vocal fry, but more of a
    “rasp” tone in their voice. For example; Michael Jackson, when he belted
    out high notes, he has a type of rasp or vocal fry if that’s what it’s
    called….if a vocal fry is the lowest part of the registration in our
    voices, how is it that he can do a vocal fry up on the high belting notes
    like in “The Way You Make Me Feel”? And how can we learn it for ourselves?
    Thank you =)

  17. Core Thrasher says:

    Should I do vocal fry in tune on chord and scale patterns? Or should I just
    fluctuate the pitch of the vocal fry chromatically?

  18. Fredinski The Third says:

    Hey, I’m a very musical guy, I’ve been singing since I was a little kid,
    and I just started getting into those higher-pitched songs, most of the
    ones I sing are in Japanese, but when I sing that hard, it doesn’t hurt,
    but at some point, my voice cracks and goes into an even higher pitch. What
    is that called and how can I master that?

  19. Jazz Experience says:

    Mr Brett Manning, I Love ur vocal tips,.. Uhmm can i ask u a question?? do
    you have any tips of how to hit high head voice?? I Mean, Yes i do high
    falsetto and headvoice but.. I Do it with more power, im like copying
    Philip bailey of earth wind and fire, Yes i can hit his notes but I Want
    some control, i want some low volume.. Cant hit high notes without my voice
    powered up.. Any tips to control head voice? or falsetto

  20. beginnersinger says:

    . I recently watched Brett Mannings Singing success program on vocal fry. I
    have a question and would appreciate your help. When I was doing vocal fry,
    going up the scale, down and up, I put my fingers under my chin but i
    didn’t feel any muscles coming down. Plus going up and down feels
    comfortable. I had never done vocal fry before and I was surprised i didn’t
    have tension under my chin whereas in other exercise’s I do. Does this mean
    i am gifted in this area? i wonder if i am doing it right or not. Also my
    larynx is not controlled, I still can’t get it neutral, or lowered as I go
    up the scale. How can i get my larynx controlled when I have no tension
    under my chin? I would really appreciate your answer!

  21. This guy reminds me so much Daryl Dixon

  22. Vocal fry made interstellar really, really difficult to watch. That mixed
    with Nolan’s terrible mixing.

  23. Hồng Hải Virgo says:

    do you have any exercise to reach those Super high note? please help

  24. Xx_Iphone_xX says:

    Vocal Fry connects your voice together & makes them vibrates. I always do
    them sometimes for vocal warmup.

  25. John Paulo Fortuno says:

    i’ve doing a lot.
    why i can’t do this ??

  26. John Paulo Fortuno says:

    i cant find my Headvoice XD hahaha
    But i’ll do anything to find it :)

  27. your swiss t’shirt is epical! :D

  28. Pranav Mathur says:

    Yup.. I’m tensing up way early. How do you sing in your HEAD voice

  29. Terry Pharel says:

    dear Brett….I am very frustrated. …I have lost my head voice for over
    two years now. I have searched for remedies online but none has really
    worked for me…my chest voice is quite amazing but I just can’t slip past
    into my head voice. …considering that I once had an amazing head voice
    and that I do this for a living, I am completely devastated. please help

  30. sl6006095 says:

    some people actually do vocal fry unintentionaly when they talk


  32. hisawes0meness says:

    WOW – ya really impressed me!!!

  33. lionchamp29 says:

    vocal fry makes my neck hurt. like the next day. It hurts to turn to the
    left, actually…. I like to bring the fry up to zeppelin type songs

  34. Apriansyah Wahyudi (Pey) says:

    Thanks you For Great lesson.

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