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Discover all about Vocal Lesson – Creating More Power Singing High Notes – Roger Burnley Voice Studio by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Lesson – Creating More Power Singing High Notes – Roger Burnley Voice Studio.


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In this video I answer a question about how to create a fuller, more powerful sound in your head voice or when singing high notes.

As I always say, I don’t like you to think of singing in just your head voice, or your chest voice, but rather thinking of singing with a full vocal mix.

I address some common issues and give a quick vocal exercise that will help you create more power, reach your high notes more easily and begin to eliminate those nasty breaks in your vocal registers.

REMEMBER to NEVER push up to reach your high notes. Just release and allow your vocal chords to create the sound 😉

Enjoy this one!!

13 thoughts on “Vocal Lesson – Creating More Power Singing High Notes – Roger Burnley Voice Studio

  1. Hey Roger, I have problems breathing and when I sing I can’t hold my notes
    very long, I’m also not able to keep up with the pace of most songs because
    of it. I find myself frustrated and stopping because I feel I’m not hitting
    the notes right. What can I do to correct this? Thank you in advance,

  2. Thanks for all your videos roger they really helped me along the way but
    now I’m having another issue with my tone quality I have a excellent ear
    for music I can tell when someone is a great singer and I can also tell
    when someone is an okay singer I fall in the category of an okay singer my
    question today is how can I improve my tone thanks in advance

  3. Hey roger quick question this question is about breathing I had a
    instructor to tell me that when you breathe for singing on the exhale you
    are suppose to keep the body open and don’t let the ribs and sternum
    collapse but keep them open while the abdominal muscles are use to fuel the
    breathe my question is, is this a proper way to breathe while singing

  4. hello ! greatvideo it helps me a lot
    but i would like to know why my headvoice sounds so high, i dont like the
    way it sounds, its not airy but why Do i hate my head voice ?

  5. why is it we never hear this guy go through his break or any teachers for
    that matter. they preach but can they do it? I’ve never seen it. He was
    freaking out around the Eb4!!! that’s not even high

  6. I hear a lot of tension in the examples. I suffer from the same dragging of
    the chest voice. This is not even high. It is just strained chest . This
    won´t help you if you want to transition smoothly .That is why he stops
    around Eb.

  7. Hi Roger,

    I’ve seen your other video about pulling the sounds down to yourself, and I
    tried it, it worked once (I really was on the edge of my chest voice for
    the chorus note of ‘Girl on Fire’) but I can’t do it again.
    I know that this requires ‘practise’ but I really really really want to
    know how to hit high notes easily and strongly with my chest voice.
    I wish I could have voice lessons with you but I live thousands and
    thousands of kilometres away. ;(

    Thanks in advance.

  8. Obviously, I can’t tell you how to sing better because you’re a different person than me, but I can tell you how I learned to sing better.

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