Vocal Lesson 1- Breath Support

Discover all about Vocal Lesson 1- Breath Support by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Lesson 1- Breath Support.

Joseph Meyers is explaining how to obtain proper breath support, focus and resonance. He has taught Master Classes around the world. He is one of the best voice teachers in the U.S.

40 thoughts on “Vocal Lesson 1- Breath Support

  1. When I expand the ribcage I can sing long phrases but it’s difficult to
    take a new breath quickly because the tension from the expanded ribcage
    seems to prevent this. Any suggestions? Thanks again!

  2. It was good to hear your voice and to see you once again. I remember well
    the many lessons you gave me. The best thing about Joe and Violette is that
    they care about the whole person not just the singer. All of our love to
    you both, Larry and Felicity

  3. I liked very much your video, its exactly the same things I’ve been
    studying. (and I’ve had the same problems you’re talking about). You
    exsplaned it very clearly and logically. Just one another thing that you do
    when you show thing but you didn’t say anything about it: The low position
    of the lurenx. It’s very important because it is actually the base of the
    Caruso- Melocchi new vocal technique. I was doing for 2 years (and continue
    doing it every day) eccersises for keeping the lorenx down.

  4. Also a very important thing is to cover the sound (especially for tenors).
    It is very bad for the voice to sing with “open” or “uncovered” sound after
    the “passaggio” (about mi-fa for tenors). But to learn how to do all those
    things this guy needs a good teacher and big control.

  5. The reason 99% of home study programs don’t work is b/c they don’t explain
    what he’s explaining. Most people aren’t lucky enough to find a teacher
    like this.

  6. The most practical information I got in breath control, May God Bless all
    your effort Grand Father, I’m a 10 year old Filipina girl, no voice lessons
    taken ever but got raw talent in singing, This will surely help me,
    especially now that I am experiencing adolescent voice change…

  7. OMG, when I wrote my first comment, I was just on the first half of the
    video the last part was really a great lesson too on FOCUS and Mask
    Resonation… Where’s the continuation of this video? Please have mercy on
    us, who wants to learn from you….YOU ARE GREAT!

  8. I believe I have approximately 9 hours of unedited video tapes where he
    conducts Master classes but don’t have access to them right now. Once I
    return to Florida (and I get his permission) I will look into releasing
    them. If you contact him directly, he’ll be more than pleased to talk with

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