Vocal Improv and Warm Ups for Jazz Singers

Discover all about Vocal Improv and Warm Ups for Jazz Singers by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Improv and Warm Ups for Jazz Singers.

Ever wondered how vocalists improvise scat solos? Singer Marion Cowings will guide you through a series of warm ups, and then demonstrates how to use the words and melody of a song to inspire your improvised vocal solo!

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Marion Cowings – Vocals
Eli Yamin – Piano
Eric Suquet – Director
Bill Thomas – Director of Photography
Richard Emery – Production Assistant
Seton Hawkins – Producer

34 thoughts on “Vocal Improv and Warm Ups for Jazz Singers

  1. Hilarious AND informative! Great job!

  2. Deborah Sayer says:

    i was not expecting the tongue thing. lol

  3. vanessa Armonica says:

    Bautiful, congrats maestro!

  4. Anita Cairns says:

    Dem pants… Vest. Tie. Neck. Thing. Omg. Swaggomatic!

  5. Sarah James says:

    Fun Video Marion! Love the Lion Pose!!! :>)

  6. 1JulianneD says:

    thanks for the tips, and nice job!

  7. Christina Köfer says:

    Thank you for sharing…I have been taking singing lessons since the summer
    of 2010 here in the Netherlands and singing old Jazz songs at a local
    theater, love it…but still learning to improve my voice…

  8. amarartemis says:

    Oh my God – you are way to old for me, but after your strangely silly but
    ever so convincing and impressive scat improv…. I’M GONNA TAKE ALL OF

  9. Igor Cardoso says:

    hooo God Great Job,”All Of Me”,I love it

  10. Inez Patino says:

    so much musicality and expression in your Skatting, love it!

  11. SarahKellyKansas says:

    Thank you for this video! Very inspiring and helped me a lot. I have a
    higher voice so it’s hard for me to find songs that I can sing. Improvising
    it might help me. Thanks!

  12. Karin Parker says:

    Excellent!…….Thank you JALCJA and Mr. Cowings!

  13. Jon-Erik Kellso says:

    Love this, Marion, thanks! Great advice, and not just for vocalists.
    Informative and fun.

  14. Sami Alshishani says:

    Which arrangement of “all of me” do you happen to be using?

  15. Jiacui Sheng says:

    what’s the song played in about 2:45 ? Sounds so good!

  16. Rita di ghent says:

    Just to clarify for any singers who might be confused: “I’ll give you 2
    measures up front”, but the intro was actually 8 bars (measures)…thanks
    for posting a video that so many people got so much joy over : )

  17. Andre Tsang says:

    This is the kind of thing I’d expect to find in a New Orleans coffee shop,
    small business, of course, on a cool summer day. It’s great, keep up the
    good work!!

  18. he’s like a snazzy jazzy grandpa, I really enjoyed this

  19. Valentine Nduku musyoki says:

    Wow, simply amazing

  20. Arthur Kaletzky says:

    “You took apart what once was my heart”

  21. Then, round Christmas, I was speaking with a co-employee who had won a karaoke contest at a local pub.

  22. Juliana Raymond says:

    A lot of breathing exercises incorporate singing different sounds on pitches and working up and down the scale.

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