Vocal Fitness Scales Practices 1 Vocal Coach Adonis - Vocal Fitness Scales & Practices 1 - Vocal Coach Adonis

Vocal Fitness Scales & Practices 1 – Vocal Coach Adonis

Vocal Fitness Scales & Practices 1 – Vocal Coach Adonis - Discover all about Vocal Fitness Scales & Practices 1 – Vocal Coach Adonis by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Vocal Fitness Scales & Practices 1 – Vocal Coach Adonis and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Fitness Scales & Practices 1 – Vocal Coach Adonis.

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These scales and practices are intended for my low voice intermediate clients. It is recommended that you have someone to instruct you on how to safely execute these practices. For more scales and practices and lessons in vocal performance, please subscribe.

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42 thoughts on “Vocal Fitness Scales & Practices 1 – Vocal Coach Adonis”

  1. Hi. This would only help you with your ear if you record yourself, check to
    see if you are on pitch, and eventually be able to do these on your own

  2. Thanks for sharing, I did your vocal work out before stepping into the
    vocal booth. My notes were on point. Since I record all of my background
    vocals they were all crisp and rich. Thanks my brother…When I am in the
    GA area I will be looking you up. We need more coached like you.

  3. lol Well…the breathing shouldn’t make you dizzy. You may be taking too
    much breath in too fast, too often. Breath in through your nose. You don’t
    want to hyperventilate. 

  4. Thanks alot bro. Just this first vid was helpful. Helped me to remember
    some basic things I´d forgotten. Check out eLpTrees.bandcamp.com and give a
    bruh some feedback. God Bless and keep doin what u doin 

  5. I’m so glad I came across your videos. My daughter is preparing audition
    for a performing arts school and wants to work on her vocals. I will
    definitely be in touch regarding your skype sessions…if they’re still
    available. ~Namaste~

  6. he’s an amazing vocal coach. very good method and friendly personality. he
    can sing real well also. patient. i am getting solid results. you need to
    put the work in as well yourself.

  7. Can anyone really learn how to sing?? cause my neck seems to give out on me
    alot and im very upset man…. 

  8. I believe that anyone who has relative talent can learn how to sing. You
    have to be able to distinguish pitch and generate the breath flow for a
    melodic sound. You neck gives out on you? I’m not sure what you mean.

  9. Train with me on Skype for as little as $55 per 1 hour vocal training
    session! All new Skype vocal training clients receive a FREE 20 minute
    vocal consultation w/ vocal evaluation (a $20 value). Visit
    vocalcoachadonis . com to get started, NOW!

  10. Thanks man, you honestly helped a lot seriously! I’m preparing for and
    audition to enter Cypress Lake High School Center For The Arts and you
    helped a lot, Thanks! God bless you!!(: 

  11. Hey my vocal range is from G1-D#5 and i my notes from B4-D#5 sound like a
    falsetto and i wonder if i ddo vocal scales on my lower notes if that wil
    bulid my wek notes to be stronger and get more of a resoence om my higher
    notes i am desprate if anyone have any tips or informasjon i`ll want to
    hear it as fast as possible

  12. Where would you suggest a beginner with previous piano experience to start
    if they want to peruse a musical career?

  13. When you are playing and not singing with the piano, is there someone
    singing low off camera? Because I keep hearing someone else singing?

  14. Rediscover your voice and join our five week singing course in four part a cappella harmony, with a final performance for your friends and family.

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