Vocal coach REACTS to Dimash Kudaibergen

Discover all about Vocal coach REACTS to Dimash Kudaibergen by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal coach REACTS to Dimash Kudaibergen.

Topic: Reaction video to Dimash Kudaibergen. I watch as Dimash breaks the internet and react with shock and awe. Range, power, finesse the guy is an insane vocal singing freak 😀

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55 thoughts on “Vocal coach REACTS to Dimash Kudaibergen

  1. he is amazing, but dont forget the post production, slight auto tuning here and there, nonetheless Dimash is a bomb

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      Do you think it’s been helped along in that way?

  2. Руське-ватный мир says:

    *_Мутный типок…_*

  3. Sapphique Incarceron says:

    Ahahaha..you are like me one year ago when I discovered Dimash :). He’s incredible, indeed! Unique and versatile. Love him to bits!

    1. Sapphique Incarceron says:

      He was in the 2017 SINGER show in China. He sang in French(SOS), English (Adagio, Queen, Earth Song and more), Russian (Opera2), Kazakh (Daididau), Chinese (Autumn song-and others), Italian (Confessa Diva Dance).
      He just sang Lionel Richie ‘s ‘Hello’in SInger 2018 :

  4. Watching DIMASH for the first time is an experience!! Many thanks for that, and do more of his performances.. <3
    A suggestion for another great singer. Try the Korean singer Sohyang performing "Arirang Alone". I think you will love her too.


  5. So Hyang Kudaibergenov says:

    you did not analyze his vocal at all….

  6. ZeChachaiimSheli says:

    I love watching your reactions and seeing what someone experienced in singing technique thinks of performances. Could you please react to So Hyang: Arirang Alone?

  7. Connie James says:

    Is Dimash a thumbs up? Well DUH!

  8. Dajana Milinković says:

    He is the best. We have seen all 🙂

  9. Karin Schild says:

    A sublime force for beauty and truth 🙂

  10. Coral Crumb says:

    I love when they go in cold… So you can see that moment… It’s EVERY THING

  11. RitchRian says:

    Please react another Filipino legend singer. “spain” by Gary V. :

  12. Alice Sarete says:

    Please react to Dimash extreme vocal ❤

  13. Christina point says:

    @Carl John Franz
    )) Tell me please, why did you contact this sect of Dimash? You will be cursed here if you do not write with boiling water, splash saliva, show eclipse to the world))) Better throw this venture … in the world hundreds of singers who are much better than Dimash and they do not have sects of crazy fans! Running the man until it’s too late for the Dimash zombies)) run !!!!! And then you’ll regret how many others who filmed a reaction to this Kazakh upstart))

    1. Carolyn Grinberg says:

      So tell me, Christina point, are you a Vitas fan? BTS? This is the sort of thing the less tolerant fans of other artists post. I really like Vitas, So Hyang, BTS, and, lately, a group called Rainbow Kitten Surprise…AFAIK I’m not a zombie, and what you and I and everyone likes musically is subjective – 100% opinion. Dimash quote: “You cannot compare singers.” I hope you enjoy whoever it is you like. You needn’t listen to those you don’t like.

    2. Christina point says:

      I’m a fan of Vitas and recently I’ve watched the fans of Dimash cursing the reactionaries for his songs, because they do not admire the dimas so much, that they have little emotion and everything in this way. I feel sorry for these dudes who make reactions to Dimash and then get curses from the Dimash fans themselves for that. Where is the logic? Soon all the reactionaries will turn their backs on the Dimash reaction … because they are showing disrespect and ungrateful comments. It’s just amazing to read about the man shit, which for them removes the video))) Dimash has another quote – “I’ll sing better than Vitas”! Such impudence and pathos the world of music and show business has not yet seen … Paragraph)))))

    3. Carolyn Grinberg says:

      That’s really sad and I wish it wasn’t true. But I believe you. There’s always going to be some fans who over-react and get defensive. To be nasty does not do our heroes any good and, as you say, could alienate the very community that can help them gain a wider audience. Some people aren’t going to like Dimash. What a boring world it would be if we all liked the same thing. I hope those who think being nasty is good are a minority.

    4. Carolyn Grinberg you did realize that she was a vitas fan-Dimash hater-troll right? 😂😂

    5. Carolyn Grinberg says:

      saba no. I figured she was a fan of another singer, that’s why I asked. I don’t consider her a troll. She just loves Vitas, and we have some Dears who can let protective instincts overcome them. If you check out the exchange we had… My feeling is to look to my role model (and you know who that is LOL) and say “what would he do?” Maybe we can increase her tolerance, but not by calling her names.

  14. Dhina Medina says:

    please react to this video of Maria Simorangkir, she is one of the finalist Indonesian Idol and she’s only 16 yo, she really kiled it “ never enough “ song and Loren Allred the actual singer of this song also repost Maria’s performance to her personal instagram..and I hope Maria will win this season of Indonesian Idol

  15. ronrixravz cayetano says:

    Can u plss make a reaction video of TNT Boys..singing Listen on Little Big Shots UK…thanks

  16. noerdiyansyah dhany says:

    Adagio – dimash kudaibergen please

  17. Claude Cyrell Cruz says:

    You’re homo?? I’m shookt! Lol Anyways, nice analysis, as always. 🙂

  18. Aлия Сагиева says:

    You’re vocal coach should do a reaction to professionally evaluate the vocals, and you laugh all the time and assess the faces of the audience.👎

  19. Aлия Сагиева says:

    Dimash is the best !!!

  20. RushD Yus says:

    React to So Hyang next! Most recommended:
    Arirang Alone
    Lean on Me
    Bridge Over Troubled Water

  21. asdala vista says:

    Asian power 👊👊👊👏👏👏👑👑👑

  22. HobiHyungOnce ThrewABananaAtMe says:

    Hii! I would like to request and react to this video here’s the link I just stumbled across it and I think these kids are such good singers. I’m off to suggest this vid in every Vocal coach I see in YT bc I would gladly like to see your opinion in it. Thank you so much 💘

  23. MT Creations says:

    You’ve been Dimashed. Do like the Dimash USA Fan Club suggests. Enjoy the journey!!!

  24. Please react to Morissette Amon’s very recent performance on ASAP singing “Run to You” …

  25. Dimash is the greatest singer in the world!!!! Please google his music on YouTube and he will convince you that he is not from this planet….

  26. MissySampson1 says:

    Great review, Dimash is possibly the most amazing singer ever on the planet. Funny comment when you mention the guy wondering if he is gay, I think that is his father.

  27. That wasn’t his mom and dad, they were other contestants. Dimash was virtually unknown up to this point and was first to sing in this competition. The “known” singers sang later. He blew everyone away when he opened his mouth. His dad appears in Opera 2, which Dimash had no clue he was there at the time.This song is in French, and Opera 2 is in Russian. He sings in several languages and plays many instruments as well. Welcome to the world of D*I*M*A*S*H!

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      will look into Opera 2 people keep mentioning it..

  28. She’s not his mother. She’s a popular singer and is his coach.

  29. Roberto Ochoa says:

    They not there parents welcome to dimash world

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      yes I know this made it even more funny know this after I did the reaction 😀

  30. I think he once said that if you cut his mind, his heart open, music will come out; i.e. I _am_ music.
    I keep coming back to this performance sooo much. It doesn’t even matter that his pronunciation isn’t perfect, he breathes life into this song!

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      yeah zero fear and totally open, it’s a wonderful thing!

    2. Even if you choose to watch it on your own, check out Diva Dance…you’ll appreciate the drama, I think!

  31. Kamilla Azim says:

    I liked your reaction video
    But it kinda felt like there was a lack of conclusion u know
    Maybe you should try summing up by telling what you liked or how it made you feel
    Good luck

    1. Carl John Franz says:

      Yeah I think you are right 🙂

  32. Nitin Vashishth says:

    Worst reaction video on Dimash. Ever…..

  33. Валентина Андель says:

    Вы в самом деле vocal coach? Вам больше подходит командовать флотом или артиллерией.

  34. Yucheng Guo says:

    Please also react to Adagio, where the technique at its peak.

  35. Jon Wagner says:

    I would have liked some professional critique from you instead of flippancy.

  36. Jesse Lacelle says:

    Lmfaoooo best reaction of this performance so far lolol Hahaha

  37. Clearskies says:

    His mother happens to be another contestant with this singing contest. Wrong ovaries. Hahaha

  38. Candle Jhon says:

    What a fuckin idiot face, the worst reaction ever. You look familiar with that great talent like, but the fact he is like from another planet. Come on you look like not really impressive.

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