Vocal Coach Reaction to Fans Singing #3

Discover all about Vocal Coach Reaction to Fans Singing #3 by reading the article below, and if you want to know more about learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Coach Reaction to Fans Singing #3.

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42 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction to Fans Singing #3

  1. Sam Molina says:

    Hey Tristan! Thanks so much for reviewing my video, and giving me advice. Definitely seeing some progress from trying to close my mouth a bit more. It makes my voice a lot less wavery if that makes sense. Haha. But thanks again dude! 😁🤙🏼

  2. kat SMartin says:

    please react to Jessie J “I will always love you”

  3. LovelyLilly90 says:

    Hey love what you’re doing xxx can you do a video about good and bad ‘whistle’ notes/keys????? Would lovd that!!!!! Xxx

  4. Sydney Lee says:


  5. Evan Seago says:

    Hey man can I please send u a video of me singing a classic called When The Sun Comes Out by Barbra Streisand I really want you to review my voice. Backstory: I’m a stage actor so not only do I act but I sing, and I have I guess you would call a fat voice but I really want you to hear it

  6. IceTeaNPizza says:

    Can you make a video on how you know when you sing nasally? xD

  7. Please please pleasssse review currant female Broadway/musical theatre stars like Sutton Foster, Stephanie J Block, Megan Hilty, Jessie Mueller and even old stars like Patti LuPone and Lizaaaa! They have such particular techniques and I’ve been trying to recreate some of the sounds myself but you have such a good ear for that thing I could use some tips on how to!!! Thank you so much for your helpful videos 🙂

  8. angel landeros says:

    React to Jeremy Jordan’s “She Used to Be Mine” from Waitress is heart wrenching and powerful it’s insane!!! 💗

  9. Fabian Fiso says:

    i suck at singing. i doubt he could make me sound good. i don”t question his abilities. like he is a good vocal coach, but i just suck that bad lol.

  10. You really need to check out this video. It’s two girls covering natural women and it’s probably the highest version I ever heard.

  11. Sommer Ace says:

    I just wanna be good enough to sing in a car but a girl is NOT

  12. Sommer Ace says:

    Also you should do like a general singing technique Q and A

  13. Scott Webb says:

    To the man singing fat bottomed girls, QUEEN FOR LIFE KEEP ON ROCKIN’.

  14. Christopher Cosby Music says:

    You give some amazing advice & you’ve helped me plan out where I need to listen for issues in my own voice, thank you my dude!

  15. Ryan Valley says:

    Anyone taking voice lessons from him is getting robbed

  16. Halfmoon Princess says:

    Pleeeeease react to Melanie Martinez live vocals please

  17. Sabrina Ester says:

    I love all motions with your hands. Lol.

  18. wtf they are all so good jfdvbhfsdjxc vbhgvfcvgbhjn

  19. Jarod Robertson says:

    What do you do if you can’t really get that loud with the high notes?

  20. shrekthequeen says:

    you sound so much like Justin Bieber everytime I hear you voice I do a double take

    1. Slobodan Tosovic says:

      Gio Razo you lost me, Christina Aguilera

  21. sarahwithstars says:

    Choir singing is so good for building confidence volume wise higher in your register xxX
    people need to take it to church and stop sitting alone in their cupboards alone with their camera xxxx

  22. unimportantName bla bla says:

    pleas react to dimash – s.o.s first performance

  23. Jazzy Shea says:

    Can you react to the male group PRETTYMUCH?

  24. esoessify says:

    Can you react to Puddles’ Pity Party, his Hallejujah or his Sia Cover on America’s Got Talent!!!!!! 😀

  25. Jolisa Murphy says:

    You should REACT to Joe Sugg singing and tell me what you think

  26. I have a question, can everyone learn how to sing? like right now I sing pretty badly but if I go to lessons can I, for example, expand my range?

  27. You’re a freaking musical genius haha

  28. How do singers get over shyness? I know I am good but I can’t even sing in front of my boyfriend, or when I know someone can hear me.

  29. Benjamin T says:

    Just watching this was very helpful. I’m pleasantly surprised! Keep up the good work!

  30. Cooper Huffman says:

    My choir detector told me to try to not to sing loud when you get higher

  31. Dark Angel says:

    I wanna marry the first person who sang

  32. Shannon Jackson says:

    It is just my first day and I`m already starting to get those high notes I`m searching for with this awesome singing technique “bamwo fetching site” (Google it)! I`m an experienced singer and I even hired a vocal teacher to enhance my singing ability. However now, my goal is to finish this excellent singing course!

  33. Corey Thompson says:

    I`ve been utilizing this singing technique “bamwo fetching site” (Google it) for about 7 days. My control in hitting the right notes was better and my tone quality was enhanced. Hitting the ideal notes is simpler even if I don`t have to slide down or up to them.

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