Vocal Coach Reaction Analysis Dimash Daybreak - Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis - Dimash - Daybreak

Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – Dimash – Daybreak

Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – Dimash – Daybreak - Discover all about Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – Dimash – Daybreak by reading the article below. If you want to know more about Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – Dimash – Daybreak and learning how to sing then follow this link by clicking here Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – Dimash – Daybreak.

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50 thoughts on “Vocal Coach Reaction & Analysis – Dimash – Daybreak”

  1. Love Dimash and your analysis is great
    But if it’s RnB singing lessons, why not analyze a RnB voice. Sarah Ikumu is in the Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston group and would love to hear your take on something like I am telling you.

  2. Dimash was very sick that day. If u check It out the version one on Bastau (His first concert), u will know What is the real angel voice. I went to his country to the Bastau concert(I am Chinese)and totally be shocked by his Daybreak. His voice fallen down and put me into heaven!

  3. I love your reactions to Dimash songs, thank you!!! You make me understand much better why I like his songs so much. Yes he was very sick and at the end you can see it in his face, specially when he is out of the stage

  4. I have been watching many different reactions on Dimash the past year, many of them are musicians, singers, vocal instructors or students. I find that most just explains his singing method or just reacts that they are shock or like the song. What I like about your reactions is that you checks his notes quite frequently and explain in a way that a non music person can understand (like me…I don’t even know the difference of the abcdefg you are talking about). Keep it up. Btw I checked your lessons but don’t know which one I should start first. I never sang any full songs b4 except Amazing Grace …everyone says i have a sweet voice but when I sing, it’s horrible…haha

    1. Wow thanks for this amazing review. It makes me really happy. I try very hard to be the best teacher I can be.
      Maybe try an online lesson with me?
      If not, it’s hard for me to direct you. You can see my website for lists of free videos.

    2. RnB Singing Lessons will hv to start few days later, I have to assist my daughter next few days in her event

  5. He was sick during that performance and the doctor adviced him to not use high note but he did well despite his sickness.

  6. Спасибо Вам за реакцию и анализ!Димаш-певец от Бога!потрясающий вокал!!!Димаш-Браво!

  7. At that moment,Dimash’s sore throat(angina).He sang a song for 100%🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  8. Hi, I remember once you said Dimash had a female voice. I want to recommend you another male singer whose voice is really like a girl’s voice, in a beautiful, beautiful way. Here is his performance’s link It’s a duet. He sang with a girl. The performance is very very beautiful.

    1. I LOVE the duet! Zhou Sen (i think) is awesome! But he does not have the strength in his voice like Dimash and Hua. But I still love him too. He is also extraordinary!!!

    2. zinitaxo1 hahaha! You said the exact reason why I like Zhoushen(btw, his name is Zhoushen, not Zhousen) and love Dimash! I don’t know if you have ever heard this song from Zhoushen. The link is here The song is called Rose and Deer. It’s actually the first song I heard from him. I was stunned. It’s so so beautiful.

    3. I did not hear it. Thank you for the link. But I love this: It is same song, without the girl. But is is other style of singing (second part). I LOVE it!

    4. zinitaxo1 ah! Wow! I watched your recommendation just now! It’s truly wonderful! In the second part, he sings in a very traditional Chinese opera way. There are many different kinds of Chinese operas in different regions of China. Among them Peking opera is the most famous one. In this show you recommend, he used a way of singing Yue Opera, a traditional opera in the south of China. He did it very well. Thanks for your recommendation : )

  9. Also, I want to recommend my favorite female singer to you. Her name is Tanweiwei. (My favorite male singer is Dimash. Haha) Here is one of her performances Her voice is full of strength. Sometimes she sings rock, and sometimes she sings Chinese folk music. For both she does a good job. In this performance she combined two music styles together and made a wonderful performance, at least I think it is.

    1. Oh forget to say, she also once stood on the stage of Singer Show, but she was in the earlier season. Like Dimash, she got the second. As a loyal audience of Singer Show, I think that almost all the best singers in the show got the second place in the final competition… in every season of Singer Show. Hahaha

  10. Love watching your vids. You seem to be a very talented singer yourself. Always fun to watch your vids. Take care.

  11. I love your analysis! 👌🏻👌🏻

    Here’s an outstanding vocal live from Whitney. Much to enjoy:

  12. The back story about a boy who lost his parents in carschrash. He survived. He was adopted. 🙁 i think thr lady adopting him wrote thid song. ♡ thank you

  13. You should watch this song performed at the Bastau concert..is sooo much different and good..just have a pic and let me know

  14. You noticed his friend competitors checking on him as they were worried about his performance..and also he is sweating ..not usual for Di to feel the effort when he is singing..but again watch same song in Bastau..that was crazy

  15. Good day! Please do react to Daryl Ong’s latest cover, Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Here’s the link: . Thanks in advance!

  16. This is the performance we’re he’s fully healthy ! I think given the atmosphere it’s also so much more epic as a performance

  17. Hi Coach!

    You may want to react to this video. You won’t regret it. The girl on the video was a filipino finalist on American Idol. She covered this song. If you’re looking for amazing runs.. u better react to this! 😁

  18. Do at once. His Diva Dance at Bastau concert and his Diva Dance at Shenzen concert.
    And if you wanna know what throat problem that he has for this episode, you can watch this video.
    This is with English subs.
    Not for reaction, just in case you wanna check

  19. Dimash’s runs are different than the runs we are accustomed to here ine the “west”; but sometimes very similar. Can you comment on this ?

  20. Реакция, как всегда супер! В этот день Димаш сильно болел, у него была высокая температура, и очень сильно болело горло(( Врачи запретили ему петь!! Но Димаш, никогда не сдаётся, он вышел на сцену и спел, многие плакали в зале, смысл песни таков, мальчик теряет своих родителей в страшной аварии, и остается один на всем белом свете! Эту горечь и страх, передаёт нам Димаш, хотя сам, еле стоит на сцене! Браво Димаш, ты настоящий артист, мы тебя очень любим и богатворим!!!

  21. He had no voice the day before and had to go to the doctor for throat injection…so basically he’s singing with a very bad sore throat…

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